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Competition Primers: Good information for Rookies, Veterans and BTCs!!
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NAR Contest Rules:  United States Model Rocket Sporting Code, 2008 Edition
Current NAR Approved Motor List
TCC Range Safety - Risk Management & Preventing Heat Inury
TCC Contest Director Training:  Hosting NAR Competition 101
General Competition Information
TCC NAR Competition 101 TCC NAR Competition Strategy and Tactics
Contest Etiquette Beginning Competition -- The RSVP Principle
Guide to NAR Contest Rocketry Information for Beginners by Jeff Vincent, NAR 27910, Northeaster Regional Contest Chair
Competition Parachute Construction and Packing by Bob Kaplow, NAR 18L, co-moderator of contestRoc Yahoo Group
Pink Book Light:  Condensed for new competitors. It has only event info, nothing on running the contest.
George Gassaway's NARAM Tips
Competition Rocket Manufacturers
TCC NAR Competition Vendor List
Online Plans
NAR Competition Rocket Plans
Competition Model Rocket plans (Howard Kuhn's CMR)
TCC NAR Competition Bibliography
Articles, Reports, Plans and Information
Specific Event Information:
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Each event Primer answers questions for new competitors and ends with more detailed information for the more agressive competitor.
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Altitude Events Payload Events
Altitude (ALT) Payload (PAY)
Super-Roc Altitude (SRA) Egg Lofting Altitude (ELA)
Precision Altitude (RDA, PRA, STA) Dual Egg Lofting Altituce (DEL)
Cluster Altitude  (CA)
Duration Events
Parachute Duration (PD) Egg Lofting Duration (ELD) Flex-Wing Boost Gider Duration (FW)
Streamer Duration (SD) Dual Egg Lofting Duration (DED) Precision Duration (STD, PRD, RDD)
Helicopter Duration (HD) Rocket Glider Duration (RG)
Boost Glider Duration (BG)
Super-Roc Duration (SRD)
Craftsmanship Events
Scale (SC) Sport Scale (SPSC) Science Fiction & Future Scale (FFSC)
Scale Altitude (SCA) Space Systems (SPSY)
Super Scale (SUSC) Plastic Model Conversion (PMC)
Miscellaneous Events
Spot Landing (PSL, SSL, OSL) Drag Race (DR) Radio Controlled Glider (RCG) Research & Development (R&D)
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Winning Sport Scale by the Rules: by John Pursley NAR # 27845
Does it Qualify? The Most Important Rule!
Getting the Points You Deserve!
TCC Sport Scale Judging Packet See what the judges want!
Plastic Model Conversion Competition
TCC Plastic Model Conversion Judging Form
Plastic Model Conversion  Yahoo!! Group
Egglofting: Piston Launchers Piston Pressure & Massive Models by Robert and Peter Alway, Bumbling Brothers Flying Circus NAR 011
Flexwing Gliders: All About Building and Flying from ASTRE #471 "Star Dust" Jan-Feb 98
NAR Competition Tips and Tricks  Take No Prisoners!!!
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Hearn, Texas
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