Doug's Autobiography

Hi my name is Doug, as you can see above.  I am fourteen and obviously a boy.  Many vewiers of my page may know me from school and other places because otherwise they must of searched for a while.  I really like Japanese animation, I also like Japan.  I try to learn lots of words in Japanese but most of the time forget because of lack of practice.      I have a majour pet peeve and as most veiwers may know already it is Tyler.  He always seems to be making stuff up about me and act like he's all tough unless no one is there to back him up like his friends or a teacher.  I think Tyler is a pussy, he only picks fights with people he thinks he can beat up(usually smaller).  He acts like height is everything like if you are tall you have the power to rule over people.  I could continue to say more like the fact that he is gay and says some pretty sick things but I won't because hey this is about me right!
    I have many friends but the majority of them live in the country or other parts of town so I don't see them very often.  If you are one of those friends E-mail me at  If you aren't then you might want to E-mail me any way.  Theres lots more but I'll have to right it up later, Bye!