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There are a number of rings out there that deal with Diaries and a number of rings out there that deal with T issues and people, here is just a sampler. There are also miscelaneous pages dealing with various things which relate to the ring in some fashion or another.

Rings Dealing with T subjects

The Global Transgender Ring, This is the mother of all Transgender webrings with well over a thousand sites dealing with various people and organizations from around the world who are a part of the Transgendered world.
The Antijen Young Transsexual Webring, Aunty Jen, has been running a List for young transsexuals for a number of years now, the ring contains the sites of some of the people who are a part of the list. (Aunty Jen also helped me get this Ring up and Running)
This Ring is a little more focused on Crossdressers but many good sites exist on this ring.
This ring deals specifically with Transsexual men, and their pages.... this is a very cool ring.

Rings Dealing with Online Diaries

Open Pages, this is probably the largest of all the Diary Webrings, it contains well over a thousand websites all of people who keep a diary of some sort online.... ranging from the medocre to the absolutly fantastic
This ring of Diary pages focuses on good writing and well done HTML, the ring is limited to 30 pages at any time but if your looking for some really good Diaries to read this is a great place to start.
The Often ring focuses on people who update their diaries almost everyday, or at least 20 entries a month, its amazing what some people can do....
This ring tends to be some of the more creative of the diraries, using good design, photography art, really outstanding writing, or all/some of the above.

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