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01/28/2000 - Webring set up with a horrible original page, additions to the ring the T-Diaries home, and Illara's Drop Page 3.

01/29/2000 - New Page Uploaded with Proper Logo, Joining Page and This Page, the News... Links Page still under construction.

01/29/2000 - Links page no longer 'Under Construction' sent out a few inquiries into who might wish to be part of the ring. So far only 2 sites in the ring this one and Illara's Drop Page 3.

05/11/2000 - Lots of new people on the webring, a total of 12 sites. It surpassed the 10 site mark where I felt that it would be semi successful as a webring, and I am pleased.

09/16/2000 - I really don't update this enough, 19 sites in the ring. Webring is now owned by Yahoo, and they have instituted a new way of handling moving between sites. The old way works but for how much longer? Thinking about adding a feature section, something done monthly talking about some of the interesting things posted by people on the ring. This also means I have to start reading everyone again, something I have been slacking with in the last while.

11/05/2002 - Yes the ring is still running and I do check it somewhat infrequently, but I do check it. Eventually I will have to redo this page because its hard to edit, and doesn't allow for getting to the ring join page very well... I know it sucks. There is a lot I should do with this page and the ring, but the best rings sometimes are the ones that don't ask much from people.

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