Bio of the Web Author

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....oops, wrong bio!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...again, wrong bio.  Pesky word processor...ah!  Here we go...

Name: Theresa is my name and I find it has served me very well, being not too trendy nor too old-fashioned but just right as Goldilocks would say.

Locale: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.  The land of beer, Harleys, and Summerfest.  Is it any wonder that I never get anything done?

Age: Didn't anyone ever tell you not to ask a lady her age?  All snickering aside, I'm 31 and thank god for it as I managed to make it through my 20's without hurting myself, more or less.

Siblings: One 25-year-old brother who used to be the bane of my existence but who has mysteriously morphed into my best friend.  Go figure.

Occupation: Marketing Assistant to the President of a Produce Company.  Translation:  I try to figure out ways to get people to eat more fruits and veggies.  Talk about a thankless job.  Eat your veggies!

Education: B.A. in Communications.  To the parents who told me I could go join the circus for all they care, as long as I had a degree:  Thank you.

Interests: How much time you got and how much space is Yahoo giving me? Not enough on either count.  The biggies are pop culture, reading anything I can get my hands on and any activity that allows me to be outside. 

I like to exercise and am a big believer in it.  The secret is to find something you love to do and stick with that.  I've been running since I was 12 but have since switched over to biking as my knees went on strike and the negotiations between them and the cement are not going well.

I adore the theater and would love to go more but I seem to run out of time or can't find a stage.

I also read everything I can get my hands on.  Not even the cereal box is safe at this stage.

Pets: I have one cat appropriately named Princess who has kindly consented to allow me to live with her.  The sign in my foyer says "The cat and her housekeeping staff welcome you."  I live to serve and she knows it.

Status: Single.  No worries about the pantyhose in the bathroom or the dishes in the sink. And that's probably why I'm still single come to think of it... 

Goals from here on out: I'm definitely going back to school and think I'll enjoy it even more this time around.  I want to get into so many things though that I can't decide what to study.  English Lit or Web Design?  History or Media Production?  Ah, the fickle mind.

Favorite Book: I like the classics such as anything by Alexandre Dumas.  In particular, The Count of Monte Cristo or the Three Musketeers series.  I also like anything on history especially in ancient studies or English history.

Favorite Book as of five minutes ago: Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbons.  I'm still wading my way through it.  I figure by the time I'm done, I'll be ready for retirement.

Favorite Movie:  Good question.  I go to the movies every weekend.  I have however compiled a list of my very favorites here at Your Movie Database which is a cool site devoted to nothing but listing and critiqueing movies

Favorite Movie as of five minutes ago: The Slaughterhouse Rules.  I love football and am a sucker in general for a football movie.  Besides which, the young actor who stars in this movie, Ryan Gosling, is a particular favorite of mine.  For being so young, he makes some great and risky acting choices.

Favorite TV Show: Babylon 5.  I can watch repeats of it forever and still wonder at the originality of it as well as the determination of its makers to keep it on the air.  I was also a big fan of Firefly but since it had an original idea in it, it was immediately canceled.

Favorite TV Show as of five minutes agoTru Calling.  It has a cool concept about regret and being able to live a day over again and change all the bad things that happen.  Eliza Dushku is just a really fun actress too.

Favorite color:  Green and Maroon.  Nice and soothing, easy to match your curtains to.

Favorite Band: The Who.  No reason needed nor desired.

Theresa's favorite movies