About Dink Smallwood







                                                Dink Smallwood is a game who was developed in the 1998. by Rtsoft.

                                         The «God» or «Creator» or «Inventor» (you can say it as you like) was Seth Robinson.

                                      Ok I will tell you the mighty tale of the Legendary Sir Dink Smallwood! ;-)


One up on a time there was a guy namde Smallwood, Dink Smallwood.

He lived with his mom, his dad left him because he was an adventurure.

They lived in a peacfull little village called Stonebrook.

One day his mom sent him to get some nuts from the old Alk Tree near the village.

 When he gets back with the nuts he saws his house on fire and woryes about his mom.

He runs in the house and finds his mom dead, then he was forced to leave the

house because he couldn't breath in there.

 When he left the house all the villagers got around the house and told Dink that the were sorry and that is not his fault.

One day the village guard told Dink that a letter came for him.

 Dink recived a letter of his aunt in Windemere, that says that he can live by them.

Dink lefts Stonebrook and meets a Wizard named Martridge, who invites

Dink to his secret house in the woods, Dink goes to the woods, and that is the

Start of Dinks BIG Adventure.

That's all for now! Keep it real! And Re5pect to Seth Robinson and Rtsoft!