About me 








                        Hy guyz my name is Tvrtko Gjurašin, and I'm from Croatia, that's in Europe! I'm a dinkaholic (hehe)

                       I played Dink in the year '99 and I joined the Dink Smallwood community called Dink Network in year '02.

                        So I was born at 5.9.1990. and I'm 13. I love breakdance, hip-hop & rap, and a lil' bit of metal.

                        So my closest friends on the DN are: DethLord, theprophet, Phoenix, Christiaan & Dark Raven.

                        And I'm still friending on with RustedSorrow and waiting for nitronic to download a instan messanger.

                        I joined to Alien D-mod Productions from theprophet and we are working on some pain ass work!

                        I'm his staff and he is my….umm….boss duh…. :-P