My D2 LOD Characters

Name: Dark_Khan
Class: Necromancer
Level: 90
Status: Retired
Information: This is my first character, as because of it, I made lots of n00b mistakes while building him, like putting many points in amplify damage and clay golem :S, however, by playing him, I learned a lot about necromancers, which led me to do my necromancer guide and to create a character based on that guide.
This guy has as his main attack skills Bone Spirit and Corpse Explosion (the only 2 skills I was able to max :s) and has his Fire Golem and Act 3 Cold Mercenary Phaet as his trusty partners. He will always be remembered as the "Cow Blower" in SPTN cow runs. Now in 1.10 he is still retired, but he's know a proud user of the Full Trang's set, making him a Necro-Vampire.

Name: Khans_Heir
Class: Necromancer
Level: 99
Status: Necromancer Entity
Information: This character is the "Heir" of all the knowledge I gained while build my first character "Dark Khan", and he is actually my most powerful character, and he is able to kill cows as fast as Windy Dexazons (*cough* Artemis *cough*). He is my biggest achievement in diablo 2, and perhaps the first SP lvl 99 necromancer.
He always has his trusty Fire Golem and Act 2 Thorns Mercenary Ilzan near him to cover his back and make him untouchable. His main attack skill are Bone Spirit, Corpse Explosion, Golem Mastery and Poison Nova (all of them maxed) along with the curses Amplify Damage and Lower Resist, and protected by his trusy Fire Golem and Revive Army.
Now, in 1.10, his killing abilities haven't been lowered, he can still kill as quickly as he did b4, even in players 8.

Name: Khans_Pupil
Class: Necromancer
Level: 80
Status: PvP Necromancer
Information: Not much to say about this guy, since he is a rushed character (BTW, thanks a lot again Asmo, I o u).
He has fight Xisor's PvP necro and pwned him and nearly beat Liq's PvP necro (Supposedly one or the most powerful PvP necro).

Name: Deaths_Master
Class: Necromancer
Level: 80
Status: Owner of Trang Oul's Army
Information: This character is an overlord necro, which means he is a necro that has over 100 minions to protect him and he uses them, and only them to kill them (along with curses). He actually has 131 minions, as showed in the picture in the link of his name. I specially want to thank Xarnon for helping me go through hell difficulty with this character.
He is always surrounded by his Skeletal Warrior, Skeletal Mages, Revives, Fire golem and the act 2 prayer mercenary Ilzan.
Now, since he is in 1.10, his number of skellies has reduced dramatically, but the power of each of them is amazing!, with 16 skeleton warriors, each doing around 800 damage, with 1.5k life, 2k AR and defense, they can really take everything they found in their way!

Name: Dark_Mage
Class: Sorceress
Level: 87
Status: MFing Commander
Information: My second character to be made Matriarch, due to the need of getting decent items for my necro. Fortunately, when I started her, I was in PDF, so I got some advice on how to build her. She has participated in all the "Pindleweeks" at the SPTN (her finds sucked, but thats not the point...). Her best finds have been Tals Armor, Mavinas Bow, StormShield, 2 Maras Ammy, and many others. She can be found killing all the act 5 superuniques, Baal, Mephisto and the Countess.
She has been trained in the Cold and Fire Spells, specializing in FOrb, Meteor and Hydra. She is usually found proteceted by the act 2 Holy Freeze Mercenary called Chalan.
Althought, now in 1.10, she is not as powerful as she was b4, she still can kill most monsters that stand in her way and can still kill easily Mephisto and Baal, making her still the MF Commander.

Name: Black_Queen
Class: Amazon
Level: 82
Status: Act 5 Unique-Killer, 2nd in command in the MFing Squadron
Information: My third character to be made Matriarch. I got some help from PDF to build him too. She is the proud owner of a Perfect Buriza and has the max speed possible with it. When she is not killing cows in TCP/IP games, she is visiting Pindle and his minions. She seems to be destinied to become the 1st in command in the MFing Squadron once 1.10 is out.
She is a Hybridzon, trained in the use of Multishot, Freezing arrow and Guided Arrow with the Buriza and Lightning Fury with her Titans Revenge. She is usually found with her Valkyre and her Rogue friend Kyle.
With 1.10 out, she has officially become the faster Pindle killer of all the characters, which has made her the second in command in the MFing Squadron.

Name: Scipios_Pupil
Class: Barbarian
Level: 85
Status: 3rd in Command in the MF Squadron
Information: This character was made based on "Scipio's guide to make an effective Barbarian", which is the reason why I called him like this. He is usually found killing Baal and his friends, among with all the Act 5 Superuniques.
He has been trained in both using a shield and a sword or 2 swords in the art of Whirlwind. He can be found with his trusty friend, an Act 2 Might Mercenary, Haseen.
Unfortunately with 1.10 out, his killing abilities have really been cut, so now he has lowered his position of MFer to 3rd and is actually semi-retired since he cant even kill Pindle quickly and safely now :(.

Name: Natalyas_Pupil
Class: Assassin
Level: 80
Status: Retired until she finds better equipment.
Information: One of the characters I enjoyed playing the most due to its tremendous attack and running speed, and its ability to blind enemies and attack them one by one. She is no good for taking out crowds, so she cant do cows well, and isnt quick enough at killing to do MF, thats why she is semi-retired till 1.10 is out, when the Nats Set she is using may become godly
He has been trained in the use of Tiger Strike and Phoenix Strike, and uses 2 claws to slash throw her enemies. She can be found with her Shadow and with the Act 2 Might Mercenary, Chalan.
With 1.10 giving a great boost to Cloak of the Shadows and Natalya's Set, she is just waiting to find some better equipment to start the hunting of the act 5 superuniques.

Name: Evil_Knight
Class: Paladin
Level: 84
Status: Act 5 super-unique killer.
Information: This character is based on Asmo's Schaefferding guide and is actually the proud owner of a Schaeffers Hammer, which he uses to BBQ cows using a deadly 4 fps attack.
He has been trained in the use of Zeal and vengeance and in the aura of Fanaticism. He has also been trained in the Holy Shield ability making him almost untouchable. He can be found with his friend, the Act 2 defiance mercenary, Chalan.
His killing power hasn't been cut with 1.10, and since cows are now not so profitable, he now uses all his time to kill Act 5 super-uniques.

Name: Fenrir
Class: Druid
Level: 85
Status: Act 5 Unique-Killer.
Information: This character was built with the help of some PDF and SPTN guys I really cant remember. He is able to do some sick damage with a 6 fps attack.
He has been trained in morphing into a Wolf and using Fury on his enemy. He is also able to summon an Oak Sage spirit a Vine that provides him extra life and a group of wolves to help me. He can be found protected by his pet wolves and his friend, the Act 2 might mercenary, Ilzan.
He is the proud owner of a legit 1.07 Arkaine's Valor, which has given him an enormous amount of life that goes over 6k. The 1.10 patch hasnt been able to cut his killing power, and since cows aren't as good as b4, he's now found killing all the act 5 uniques he can.

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