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For "Tea", my "Major system aide tool" V4.2




Tea is a java program designed to quickly teach one
 how to learn and use the major system. 

The major system is a very old technique (with all the most modern refinements) to remember very large numbers. 

A Japanese man has used a form of this system to remember
 40 000 digits of PI! 

Tea will allow you to remember up to 800 digits
 without needing any extensions.

The major system requires some work to master and "Tea" 
provides a tutorial, many shortcuts, hints and tools.

The Major system uses "phonetics", "mnemonics" and "direct picture association" to provide the most powerful human memory tool around.

Tea is freeware, but I do ask that you send me a short email
with your feelings about the program.




For Windows Operating systems

click here to download

Step 1] Make sure you have the JAVA RUN TIME ENVIRONMENT loaded on your PC.
(get it here: http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp)


Step 2] Download and execute Tea_Setup.jar (double click on it).


Step 3] Delete Tea_Setup.jar if you like.

Step 4] Start the tea program from the new start menu shortcut.


For Other Operating systems

click here to download

To Install Tea - Major System Aide

Unzip the tea.zip file to a folder like c:\program files\tea
(-double click downloaded tea.zip file
 -Click the winzip EXTRACT tool icon
 -type  C:\Program Files\tea  in extract to window
 -Make sure "use folder names" is ticked / selected
 -Click extract )

Create a shortcut to the tea.jar file on your desktop
 (or wherever...).

That's it!

If the program does not start, it is a clear indication that
you do not have the Java run time on your PC. 
Get it here: http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp