My awesome TL superbike!


Thank you for your interest


Click on any picture for a bigger version...


Here is the left side view with the bottom cowling removed for cleaning



You will notice that the cans are supported by the header pipes only.
(We removed the support straps to see how it would work.
As you can see it looks really sharp!)


and then the other side...



This color is quite unique. It took me and the paint guys a whole morning of testing and mixing and waiting for the paint samples to dry, before I finally settled on this one!


The brand new tank



The original TL1000S tank (the bike was green) had the standard factory default leak! Suzuki South Africa would not replace the tank for us, claiming that the replacement tank was already claimed! (Bastards!) In any case we bought a new red (only available) tank at  R7000.00!
Because the tank needed a respray we decided to do the whole bike
while we were at it. 
The bike was sprayed by a professional company specializing in aircraft paint jobs! 
After searching the world over for decent stickers, I made the ones you see on the tank myself.


OHLIN Shocks! (and hugger)



Some say that OHLINS make the best shocks in the world - we agree!
According to the TL specialists, the original shocks caused the rear tyres to wear very fast!
And this is also a good shot of the rear aftermarket hugger!


Shocks again



The bike handles like a dream!
Ohlins cost R10k to fit.
(old type rotary shock damper caused handling problems).


Front view



Notice the special order darkened High rise bubble screen, light protector cover and imported Rossi stickers.


Ass end



Aftermarket Under Seat Fender Eliminator with flush mount indicators.


Front detail



The air scoops have carbon graphite covers and the indicators are flush mounted. 
The front shocks have multiple carbon graphite covers.
The brake hoses are braided.


Front wheel



According to the experts and we agree strongly: the standard front "Tokico" brakes can simply not be bettered on!
The front and rear rims have been chrome polished.


Bottom cowling



We have strengthened the bottom cowling as it tends to crack at some weak points!
The rear racing "tit" is easily replaceable with a neat pillion seat.





The aftermarket original Suzuki steering damper prevents even
the least sign of any tank slap.
Newer superbikes like this one have a always-on lights policy,
which means starting with a slightly flat battery (the bike has a remote controlled alarm system that also draws some battery current) causes 'kak'.
I have designed and built a relay controlled light switch that allows for
starting without the lights having to be on as well.
This system requires no additional switches to clutter!


Other - general info


  • The motor is stock standard with NO racing modifications
    and hence highly reliable.

  • The air box has been modified (without water - rain exposure) to
    give the bike a very definite speed / power advantage.

  • All services have been done by ourselves according to the manual!




This bike is in pristine MUCH better than brand new condition!!!



 Rear brakes 



The original rear brake pads wore quickly.
This new wavy disk has solved that problem nicely!

Thanks for having a look!!!