Karl and Sheryl's Website

Welcome to

Karl and Sheryl's Little Corner of the Net

Our Favourite Person is the Lord Jesus Christ!

    Karl's interests:
  • my wife and children! (or ELSE!)
  • art! (see the link to his art gallery!)
  • history of World War II
  • military Collectibles
  • hunting
  • hiking/bushwalking
  • wine appreciation
  • beekeeping
  • secondhand Books
  • birds - the feathered kind
    Sheryl's interests:
  • my husband Karl! and our large family!
  • music - listening, playing piano, guitar
  • computers!
  • space!
  • hiking/bushwalking
  • reading
  • learning/studying
  • knitting/sewing
  • spending time with my friends and family
  • designing webpages

We are the Te Anau Tremors because where we live,
we experience a lot of earthquakes ...

Between us, we also have 9 children!

Yes - really!

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