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History of Tea Parties

Tea Parties, in the generic sense, are a time worn tradition.  Tea Parties in the context of having naked slaveboys and/or nude male waiters quietly and subserviently wait on  Bohemian women donning high society fashion can be traced to four avant-garde feminist writers residing in the San Francisco Bay Area around 1991.  These four women have each gone on to significant literary careers, and include Amy Wallace, who wrote a noted autobiography entitle "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"; Susie Bright, now editor of the yearly anthology, "Best American Erotica"; Lisa Palac, who made a literary splash with her candid memoir, "Edge of the Bed"; and Laura Miller, now fiction editor of Salon Magazine.

According to Amy's autobiography Susie and Lisa came up with the idea for a ladies’ salon – with a twist. The guests, all local poetesses, columnists, and novelists, were to be waited on by attractive nude men, who would give manicures and foot massages, brush their hair, and serve hors d’oeuvres while the writers read essays and poetry and sipped champagne. 

What began as a lark grew into a phenomenon. Amy volunteered what Laura called her “Byronic” house, the caterers, and the florist. Meanwhile the girls placed an advertisement in the San Francisco Weekly: “Seeking Naked Gentlemen to Provide Elegant Service at a Ladies’ Salon; No Sex, No Salary.” The women anticipated little response, but to their surprise, were deluged with responses. Out of the mass of hopefuls six men were selected, including a stockbroker, a real estate agent, and a surfer.

The event – a tongue-in-cheek play on Playboy Mansion galas – was a grand success. Literary women in glittering evening gowns, lacy corsets, tiaras and tuxedos fluttered down the hallways, plucking canapés from silver trays and reading from their works. Guests and gentlemen shared a delightful party.

Susie wrote an article about the fête which appeared on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle’s Sunday section, illustrated by R-rated photos taken by an eminent San Francisco photographer (who cheerfully disrobed). Susie’s piece was anthologized in a popular book of her essays, which contributed to the party’s cult fame, and appears on Lisa’s website, where requests to “serve” still pour in.

These women inadvertently started a fad. Local imitations flowered, followed by parties around the country. The gentlemen waiters pressed them to repeat the event; and they received stacks of letters from local feminists and artists, asking to be invited to the next salon.

The concept of Clothed-Female/Naked Male ("CFNM") situations and events was defined and characterized as an erotic pursuit on the website called "Visual Sensations for Women":

Visual Sensations for Women


However, it should be noted that the concept of CFNM as an erotic pursuit, particularly as it pertains to parties, was born and created by these four women.  Since then, Tea Parties have found a home in such places as New York, and both Northern and Southern California.  It should be noted that all of these parties, including the original Naked Slaveboy Tea Party, were all conceived, organized and orchestrated exclusively by women - as they should be.  The rules are made by the women, and always include nude men catering and serving females, who are not.  It is a wonderful concept, for which we thank these four women.  Following are links to quotes from the memoirs, websites and books discussing this first legendary event:

Lisa Palac - Lisa's Naked Slaveboy Tea Party Experience

Amy Wallace - Amy's Naked Slaveboy Tea Party Experience

Susie Bright - Susie's Naked Slaveboy Tea Party Experience



Tea Party and Related Links

The Southern California Tea Society hosted by LADs.  This is a very comprehensive site for hosting Teas in Southern California.  Rules and protocol for the naked tea servers are fairly well established, and tea training seminars are offered:

The Southern California Tea Society


The Northern California Ladies Tea and Discussion Society.  This is a also very comprehensive site for hosting Teas in Northern California.  As with the Southern California Tea Parties, the rules and protocol for the naked tea servers are fairly rigid, and tea training seminars are offered:

The Northern California Ladies Tea and Discussion Society


The Ladies Formal Tea Society in Malibu, CA, and is modeled after the Northern California Society.   (Ms. Monica is not hosting Teas at this time):

The Ladies Formal Tea Society in Malibu, CA


Fresno Tea Parties with Lady Tawnie:

Fresno Tea Parties with Lady Tawnie


Interview of Ms. Diane in Elise Sutton on-line magazine regarding the nature, purpose and history of CFNM Parties

An Interview with Ms. Diane - CFNM Party Review


The First Annual One-and-Only Full Monty Party hosted in Southern California.  This was the first true "CFNM" Party, designated as such.  These two links provide much detail as to the purpose, philosophy and type of people coming to CFNM parties  (scroll down to story):

1st Annual CFNM Party

2nd Annual CFNM Party



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