Name title subject
Karen Bitter Melon Chinese Immigrants
Alicia Ida B. Wells: Mother of the Civil Rights Movement African American Civil Rights in early 1900's
Edith The Road to Pearl Harbor events leading to WWII
Monique American Rights
Shawnda Gone with the Wind The South before/during/after the Civil War
Jessica Obasan Japanese Immigrants
Norma Freedom's Children African American Civil Rights
Jimmy The Stories of Scottsburo African American Civil Rights, 1930's
Edwina Cold Mountain The South before/during/after the Civil War
Jeffrey The Life of the Jackie Robinson African American Civil Rights, 1940's - 50's
Gustavo Famous Presidential Scandals Famous Presidential Scandals
Crystal Down these Mean Streets
Jim Rosa Parks: My Story African American Civil Rights, 50's
Adam The Yanks are Coming World War I
Eric A Great Life in Brief: Robert E. Lee American Civil War
Patty The Mississippi Trial African American Civil Rights
Casey China Boy Chinese Immigrants
Andrew The Prince, by Machiavelli the uses of political power
Justin Hawaii the history of Hawaii from volcanic creation to present
Andrew In America: The Vietnamese America Vietnamese Immigrants
Andres a biography of Martin Luther King African American Civil Rights, 1950's - '60s
Josh A Bridge Too Far WWII in Europe
Rollie The Autobiography of Malcom X African American Civil Rights, 1950's - '60s
Sarah a biography of Ralph Nader Ralph Nader, activist and presidential candidate