Big Ideas:

> Explain the 4 goals of Progressivism

> Summarize progressive efforts to clean up local government, protect workers, and reform elections

> Trace women's growing presence in the turn-of-the-century workforce

> Summarize women's leadership in reform movements and the effort to achieve woman suffrage.

> Show how Theodore Roosevelt used the powerof the Presidency to regulate business, protect citizen's health, and preserve the environment

> Describe the election of 1912

>Describe Woodrow Wilson's background and the progressive reforms of his presidency.
Unit 2: The Progressive Era
Progressive Era Vocabulary

lecture notes - America in 1900
lecture notes - Theodore Roosevelt
lecture notes - Booker T. Washington & WEB Dubois

extra credit #1: Standard Oil and Microsoft
extra credit #2: Immigration and Education

1 The Origins of Progressivism #1-2, 4
Social and economic changes during the late 19th century create broad reform movements in American society

2 Women in Public Life: Reciprocal Reading
Many of the social and economic changes giving rise to progressivism lead women into public life as reformers and workers

3 Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal: #1-2,4
Theodore Roosevelt pursues a reform agenda known as the Square Deal. His energetic style contributes to the emergence of the modern presidency

(skip chapter 9.4)

5 Wilson's New Freedom: #1-3
Woodrow Wilson claims the presidency as a progressive leader and establishes a strong reform agend