Big Ideas:

> Describe the reaction in the US to the perceived threat of communism.

> Describe Harding's efforts to return the US to "normalcy" after the progressive era reforms.

> Summarize the impact of the automobile and other consumer goods on the lifestyle of Americans.

> Explain how urbanization created a new way of life that often clashed with the values of traditional American rural society.

> Identify the causes and results of the changing roles of women in the 1920's

> Explain how schools, mass media, athletes, celebrities, artists, and writers contributed to American popular culture.

> Identify the causes and results of the Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance.
Unit 5: The Roaring 1920's
1920's Vocabulary

lecture 5.1: America in 1920: Victory and Insecurity
lecture 5.2: American culture in the 1920s
lecture 5.3: Harlem Renaissance

Americans Struggle with Postwar Issues: #1, 3
The Russian Revolution brings a Communist government to power. Many Americans fear that similar revolution will occur in the US. Political radicals and labor activits meet with increasing opposition.

"Normalcy" and Isolationism: #1-3
The Republicans return to isolationism and the kind of policies that had characterized the period before the reforms of the progressive era.

12.3 The Business of America: #2-4
During the prosperous 1920's the automobile industry and other industries flourish. Americans' standard of living rises to new hights
13.1  Changing Ways of Life: #2 1-2
Americans experience cultural conflicts as customs and values change in the United States during the 1920's

13.2 The Twenties Woman #2 only

American women of hte 1920's persue new lifestyles and assume new jobs and different roles in society.

13.3  Education and Popular Culture: #1, 3-4
The mass media, movies, and spectator sports, play important roes in the popular culture of the 1920's.

13.4 The Harlem Renaissance #1, 3-4
African-American ideas, politics, art, and music all flourish in Harlem and elsewhere in the United States.