Big Ideas:

> Summarize some of the problems threatening the American economy in the late 1920's

> Describe the causes of the stock market crash.

> Explain how the Great Depression affected the economy in the United States and throughout the world

> Describe how the Depression affected, men, women, children; urban and rural populations; African Americans and Latinos

> Describe  President Hoover's response to the Great Depression.

> Identify the programs of the First and Second New Deal

> Identify the critics of Roosevelt and his New Deal policies.

> Identify the groups that formed the New Deal coaltion.

>How did the New Deal affect women, African Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, unionized workers, and urban Americans.

> Identify some of the artists and writers of the New Deal >era.

> Summarize opinions about he effectiveness of the New Dea.

> Describe the legacies of the New Deal.

Unit 6: The Great Depression

Great Depression Vocabulary

lecture 6.1 - Causes of the Great Depression
lecture 6.2 - the New Deal

The Nation's Sick Economy: #1- 4
Economic problems affecting industries, farmers, and consumers lead to the Great Depression

Hardship and Suffering During the Depression #1-4
The Great Depression brings suffering of many kinds and degrees to people from all walks of life.

Hoover Struggles with the Depression: #1-3
President Hoover tries to restore confidence and halt the Depression, but his actions are ineffective.

A New Deal Fights the Depression : #1-3
President Roosevelt takes many actions to combat the Depression.

15.2 The Second New Deal takes Hold : #1-2, 4
The Second New Deal institutes new programs to extend federal aid and stimulate the nation's economy.

15.3  The New Deal Affects Many Groups: #1-2
New Deal policies and actions affect Americans in all walks of life. The Democratic Party forms a new political coalition.

15.4 Society and Culture: #1-2
Motion pictures, radio, art, and literature all blossom during the period of the New Deal..

15.5 The Impact of the New Deal: #1-2, 4
The New Deal affects American society not only in the 1930's but also in the decades to follow.