Big Ideas:

> Explain how
Plessy v. Ferguson legalized segregation. Describe the NAACP's strategy to challenge Plessy.

> Explain the divided reaction to the
Brown decision.

> Trace the development of the Montgomery bus boycott, the freedom riders, the March on Washington.

> Explain the philosophy of Martin Luther King

> Describe how civil rights leaders tried to secure the passage of the voting rights act.

> Compare segregation in the North with segregation in the South.

> Identify disagreements among civil rights groups, and the rise of black nationalism.

Unit 9a: The Civil Rights Movement

1960's Vocabulary

Extra Credit - African American leaders

lecture 9.1: The Kennedy Years
lecture 9.3: The Impact of the Civil Rights Movement

Taking on Segregation #1- 4
African Americans use strong organization and nonviolent tactics to confront the South's policies of segregation and racial inequality.

21.2 The Triumphs of a Crusade #1- 4
Civil rights activists break down numerous racial barriers through continued social protest and the prompting of landmark legislation.

21.3 Challenges and Changes in the Movement #1- 4
The civil rights movement turns north, new leaders emerge, more militant, thus leaving behind a mixed legacy.

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