Big Ideas:

> summarize Vietnam's history as a French colony and its struggle for independence.

> explain why the United States became involved in Vietnam and the reasons  for the escalation.

> explain the draft policies that made the Vietnam war a working-class war.

> trace the roots of oposition to the war.

> explain the Tet offensive and domestic disturbances that affected American presidential election of 1968

> describe Nixon's policy of Vietnamization

> examine the war's painful legacy in the United States and Southeast Asia.
Unit 9b: The Vietnam War

1960's Vocabulary

lecture 9.4: The Vietnam War

US Involvement and Escalation #1- 4
The United States sends troops to fight in Vietnam, but the war quickly turns into a stalemate

22.3: A Nation Divided #1-4
An antiwar movement emerges in the United States, pitting those who oppose the government's war policy against those who support it.

22.5: The End of the War and It's Legacy   #1- 4
The Nation's longest war ends after nearly ten years and leaves a lasting impact on US policy and American society.