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The 9th planet from the sun.

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Pluto Facts:
  • Pluto is the 9th planet from the sun in our solar system.   It is approximately 3,647 million miles from the sun.
  • Pluto is about 1,485 miles in diameter.  It is the smallest planet in the solar system.  It is smaller than the Earth's moon.
  • It takes Pluto about 248 Earth years to orbit the sun one time.
  • A day (from sunrise to sunset) on Pluto takes about 6 earth days.
  • Scientists are not sure if Pluto has an atmosphere, but it is probably made up of nitrogen and methane.
  • The average temperature in Pluto's atmosphere is -390 F.
  • Pluto has 1 known satellite, or moons, named Charon.   Charon is about half the size of Pluto.
  • In 1994, the Hubble Telescope was used to observe the sizes of Pluto and Charon and to study the atmosphere.
  • Some scientists do not think that Pluto should be a planet since it is smaller than many of the moons that orbit other planets.  Scientists also believe that Pluto may be a former satellite of Neptune.
  • Not much is known about Pluto because of its distance from Earth.
  • Pluto is named after the Roman God of the sea.

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