O' siyo
My sisters and brothers.    
    Wado for stopping by.
    "Words From the Great Spirit"

Do not try to hide yourself from Me.  I see you.
Do not silence your voice from Me.  I hear you.
I hear your cries as a Mother hears her child.
Do you remember I made you from the dust of Mother Earth?
You were made to honor Me, my daughter.
So stand tall in My presences.
Speak the truth to others in Love.
I created you lovely, beautiful and honorable like the eagle my child.
So fly,fly high above the concerns of this world.
Seek to harm no one.
Bring harmony to others.
And remember you are loved by Me
  " Cherokee Prayer"
May the warm winds of Heaven.
Blow softly upon your house.
May the Great Spirit bless all who enter there.
May your mocassins make happy tracks,
In many snows.
And may rainbows always touch your shoulder.
    My name  is Teaches of the Heart.
This is my native american name given to me by someone who showed me the way toward the red path. I am of mix blood, cherokee, chippewa, german, irish. My name speaks for itself. I teach from the heart of family, The Creator, and Mother Earth. You can tell this by my teachings plus in my poetry.
I have a profound love for my family. My immediate plus my extended family whom I love dearly. I feel the need to protect all living things. Help those that need help. I have a great desire for Spiritual influences in my life.I prefer to call this source of all life. The Great Spirit" or "Creator". Native American music speaks to me and often calm my soul. My heart beats to its melodies,flutes and drums. I am mesmerized by it. Now that you now know most about me and you can come up with your own conculsions. For I am comforted by my own! I know The Creator hears the cries of my heart and He hears yours too.
Mitakuye Oyasin-
                               "we are all related"
The Creator hears the cries of all men and women on the red path.
Do not walk behind me: I may not lead.
Do not walk in front of me: I may not follow.
Walk beside me: that we may be as one
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