We're Hiring!
As a result of just forming, we have many positions still open. Some are: recruitment, inspections, secretary, and many more to name a few. Click here to send in your info!

Visit the Forum
Here we can do everything over the Net! Talk in the Chat Room, post on a Message Board, and much more! Hurry and register and join us! Click to go to the Forum!

Everywhere a Sponsorship?
Team RX-7 is hard at work trying to raise funds to support a driver and their rotary powered car. To find out how to get sponsored, as well as other info, click here!

We've got Apparel!
Well, we're trying anyway. We're in negotiations with surrounding local businesses trying to get the best deal, so please be patient.

Send your 411 in!
We want to build up our Showroom with your rides! Send in your technical info along with any pics, and we'll get you in! Click here to go to the Showroom!

Want to Talk With Us?
We have voice mail! Call 1-888-392-4832,
ext. 6096984848, and leave your message and number, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Schedule of Upcoming Events

We are still trying to set a date for our first meeting. We will keep you informed.

A merchandiser is still being sought after. Many of our local shops here are good prospects. This should drop the Membership fee.

The Web-Site is almost finished, it's about time. Please excuse our mess as we are still under construction.
E-Town just had their first Swap Meet of the season. Many vendors were packed in for the event, and many good deals were to be found.

Atco just had their first of four Rotary Day games. Many 12As were on hand, and at almost any given time, "dat dat dat" could be heard.

Tuesdays and Fridays are Open Track night at Atco! Bring your 7 down and show what you got!

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