- T e a m     S p e e d V i r u s (how to join us)-

How to Join Team SpeedVirus?

Wanna find out how to join TSV? Check the following...

Love Skating?
Want to know more about becoming speedskating and its equipment?
Would like to improve your speed techniques?
Looking for a team with structured and effective coaching?
Looking for a fun team to belong to?
Are you able to stride confidently and maintain balance on one leg?
Are you able to execute a parallel turn?
Are you able to execute T-stop?
Are you a T-E-A-M player?
And last but not least, NOT affiliated with any other skating teams?

If you check all the above items, you are definitely Team SpeedVirus material!!! But even if you don't, theres not harm trying right?

Come meet us during our SATURDAY funskate/training for an assessment and have fun. For more details, email us for place to meet and timings.
Be sure to include your name, current equipment you are using & your skating level for us to know a little bit about you. Not forgetting a contact number.