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BloodBowl Links
Below are lots of links to other BloodBowl sites out there, both Official and Unofficial. Where possible they have been split them into loose categories to help you find what you want. Please note I am not responsible for the content of any of the sites other than this one! If you have a link you would like to have added, please E-mail me and I'll have a look at putting it up.
Official Games Workshop Sites

Specialist Games Homepage
- The home of all of GW's 'Specialist Games', including BloodBowl, Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, Inquisitor, Epic, Mordheim, WarMaster and the Battle of Five Armies

Specialist Games BloodBowl Page - The BloodBowl Homepage on the Specialist Games Site

Specialist Games Forum - Forums for discussing all of GW's Specialist Games

Specialist Games BloodBowl Forum - The Blood Bowl Forum on the Specialist Games Site

Games Workshop Official Website - The official Website of Games Workshop

UK Online Games Workshop Store
- The Games Workshop Online Stores BloodBowl section 

Other Forums and Resource sites

NAF World Headquarters
- The NAF exist to support BloodBowl coaches worldwide, and the site supprts forums, rankings, tournement listings, and all manner of BloodBowl realted infomation.

Talk BloodBowl
- One of the most popular forums for discussing all things BloodBowl

House Rulez
- An unoffical BloodBowl medis source, featuring an online magazine, tournement infomation and plenty of links, especially to international BloodBowl sites

- None too fancy, but a great stuffed with all manner on BloodBowl material, and it hosts the MBBL PBeM leagues too

BloodBowl Playbook - Assorted hints, tips and strategies

BloodBowl Minitures and Hobby Info

BloodBowl Miniatures - Loads and loads of very well painted minatures and BloodBolw projects - apparently every BB miniature ever made!?

Lore of Nuffle
- A fun site containg all sorts of BloodBowl trivia collected over the years by Stephen 'Ithilkir' Hutton

Play BloodBowl Online

FUMBBL - A Java-based online BloodBowl league

MBBL - A PBeM (Play By e-Mail) Bloodbowl league

- A very anarchic PBeM BB league with lots of wacky rules!

Custom BloodBowl Boards

Pitch Witch
- A site with loads of race specific BloodBowl boards available in PDF format, both for official BloodBowl and BloodBowl 7's

Lord of the Boards
- Another site that produces custom boards to print out, with customised designs available on request

Cujo's Customisable Fields
- Yet more printable custom Bloodbowl pitches!

BeckerF's Stadiums - If you don't just want a printed board, and want to get into something a little more complex than TDV's Home Stadium take a look here for inspiration!

Webrings etc

Google Directory - A listing of lots of BloodBowl sites

BloodBowl WebRing
- A webring for various BloodBowl sites, fairly inactive at present but TDV have signed up to be added, and it does link to a fair few good sites