George Mason University
INFS-640 (E-commerce)

An Analysis of eBay

E-commerce Analysis Documentation

Group Members:
Karyese Claire-Cheatham
Tejaswi Raparla (Teja)
Christopher Sajewicz
Clayton Nguyen
Siwaporn Pengpol (Siwa)
Vignesh Srinivasan

The presentation

1 Abstract

The purpose of Team eBay's project is to study one of the most dynamic successful auction Web sites as a case study of C2C commerce worldwide. eBay is one of the well-known online auction sites in the United States and in some parts of the world, which is a trading arena where anyone or anybody can trade practically anything at any time from any place. Our study covers eBay’s users, layout of its facilities including its architecture, analyses its financial success with various types of auctions, its marketing strategy, security related issues, and ethical, social, political and legal aspects.

2 Introduction

3 Users

3.1 Overal Population

3.2 Active Users

3.2.1 International Population

4 The eBay Financial

4.1 Success in U.S. Marketplaces

4.2 International Marketplaces

4.2.1 Country Growth Trajectories

4.2.2 New Emerging International Markets

4.3 Category Growth

4.3.1 Emerging Growth Categories

5 The eBay Infrastructure

5.1 eBay Business Model

5.2 eBay Partners and Suppliers

5.3 eBay Trading Operations

5.4 Factors that Make eBay a Successul Model

5.5 eBay Infrastructure

5.5.1 eBay Design Architecture

5.5.2 eBay System Features

5.6 eBay Web Interfaces

5.7 eBay Data Flow Diagram

6 eBay Marketing

6.1 eBay Marketing Strategy

6.1.1Promoting the Brand

6.1.2 Attracting New Users

6.1.3 Increasing The Activity of Existing Users

6.2 The Competition

6.3 eBay and

7 The eBay Security

7.1 Fraud Protection

7.2 SPAM Scam

7.3 Web Security

7.4 Bridf Overview on how SSL works

8 Ethical, Social and Political issues of eBay

9 Conclusion



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