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July 04 -June 06


A rare sight by Forza when six subs were available for a game. This did not help though, when Forza were held to a dull 1-1 draw. Lack of creativity from the team only created one goal and it came from one of the better player of the evening. More posession from Forza could not break the dogged defence employed by the opponents. A failed offsife trap was capitalised by Mohammad opening the scoring account of the game. A minute before the break, another defensive mistake by Forza awarded the opponent the final goal of the game. Change of personel in the second half failed to create any goal. Stuttering Forza must now start to get the usual momentum before the final game og the league.

Date : 13th Sept



Four yellow , one red and six goals noted. Inconsistent call by the man in black proved to be the spoiler of the game. OCBC Reds coming into the game with highly confident mood but proves to be sissy pressuring the ref at every single time to give them free kick. Sap complete the stats in one game when he received his marching order from a second yellow in the final ten minutes of the game. Forza were forced to play with ten men in a FRIENDLY when the REDS refused to allow Forza to replace Sap . Quote the keeper ' We want to win ' Yet they received the final goal from ten men Forza. Sap. Mohammad, Faizal, Manap and a brace from Eddie who "failed"to follow Sap from being sending off when he recieved only a yellow. The highlight of the day when Eddie score the second goal for Forza. The keeper making a fool of himself when he dived first before the ball even reach him. Final score 6-3 to Forza

Date : 7th Sept


Same opponent with same result. A month back where we met them at Si Ling Sec , this time with a bigger pitch in Woodlands Sec. Both teams locked at the break before change of personel and formation change the flow of the game. Shawal opened the deadlock before subs Riduan took Forza to comfort zone with his maiden goal. Yadiy earned his first clean sheet from his second game of the year after long lay off.Games spoilt by the out of sort ref who made numbers of unjustify call making both teams arguing with the man in black. Final score 2-0 to Forza.

Date : 30th Aug



First day of fasting month proves to be 'heavy' for majority of the players. Many were seen slow and weak as it takes about 20 mins for Forza to get into the match pace. The Mighty Reds was not that strong yet Forza struggle to match the Reds pace. Forza opened the scoring thru Mamat before Reds equilised. SK extended Forza lead to 2-1 before the break after a fumble in the penakty area by the Reds keeper.

Change of personel upfront proves to be more frutful when the conbination of Ala and Manap added one each. Sufi and Harun contributed two more proving the strikers that the defence department can score goal too.

Date : 24th Aug


It took only 8 seconds for Forza to break Stallionze defence. Kila put his name on Forza history to be the fastest goal scorer in a competition or frendly to date. New combination of Wan and Shawal on the right flank will be pushing Eddie and Naz to to the limit after both contributed 3 goals with Wan brace, and Shawal finishing off from a good creative play. All happens in the first half before Wan is taken off thru injury. Substitute Cina added 2 more goals in the second half taking Forza goal difference to a greater height.

Date : 9th Aug



Forza suffer a major setback when the returning Jujut damage his knee ligament again. After resting for six months, his old injury reoccured, affected his chance of returning to league games. Harun too suffered from a sprained ankle in a bruising encounter with ex-player Eddie's Red Team in Braddell.

Playing with 10 players only against a physical side in Eddie's Red team, is a very good preparation for the upcoming league game. The long lost Wan provide the man of the match performance with his hard running game pressuring the opponents defence in releasing early. Poor finishing from Forza with 5 shots rocking Tridon post and 6... one to one situation with Eddie's Red Team keeper explain Forza below par week. Azmey only goal of the game and clean sheet from Sufi added another positive result for Forza for this weekend.

Against Tridon, there was nothing threatening moves from them.Two mistake from the defence department gave them a creditable result. Other than that, the team is simply not good enough to play 11 a side football. Majority of the players cant even take a throw in. A big surprise from a socall footballers.Azman did nothing much in the first half as no shot from Tridon tells the strength of the team. Playing in a small pitch of Sembawang Sec should gave them advantage after playing in a small space for quite sometimes but experience and brain wise was not that to be seen. No creative plays from them were created .Effective football will always win the day.

Date : 2nd Aug


A fruitless product upfront in the first half created one of the biggest comeback in Forza history. Combination of Shawal and Mohammad did not click as Forza struggle to finish off many offensive moves. Forza conceded the first goal from a defensive error. Forwarders with few of Gaza FC players added the second goal taking the lead to 2 nil at the break.

Change of personel to different positions did the trick as Forza dictate the pace of the game. More shots on goals were created. From a counter attack, Forza conceded the third goal. Mohamamad pushed to the right wing created havoc at the right side with Naz supporting from the back. Naz's goal sparks Forza comeback with five goals added. Azmey braced, Shawal, Mohammad and Ala ,thru a spot kick after Faizal earned a penalty, added one each to extend Forza lead to 6-3. A final goal by Fowarders completed 10 goals making it more interesting. Final score 6-4 to Forza.

Date : 25th July


Poor decisions from the inexperience man in black cost Forza dearly when calls made by him caused Forza defeat. Defeat against a good team can be accepted but against the man in black himself is hard to swallow. Forza conceded the first goal thru a penalty when the ref misjudge a foul outside the box to be in the sixyard. . Forza should have earned two penalty when a clear cut handball and Eddie hacked in the penalty box were turned away for unknown reason.

Forza conceaded the 2nd goal after the defence failed to clear from a long ball. Substitute Kila reduced the defisit to 1 goal before Dayak mistake created 3rd goal for Iscos. Kila double reduced the gap creating more tense in the final 20 minutes with Forza bombarding Iscos with shots on target. Failure in converting into goals and poor decisions from the ref will be the main cause for Forza fall.

Date : 18th July



A very small pitch of Si Ling Sec force Forza to change the usual playing style. More pressing game was seen and the first goal was created after Azman forced the fullback to loose the ball in the penalty area for him to capitalise it. Cina added the 2nd goal from a rebound after Azman struck the post. Poor finishing especially from Azman failed to extend Forza lead when he misses few clear cut chances.

No goals in the 2nd half as both treams choked each other plays. The ineffective Elfi still has a long way to challenge the first eleven or even the reserves when he still need time to understand Forza's play. Again for the 2nd week , no keeper was available. Long lost Dayak was activated to cover the custodion roll where Sufi is deployed upfront . Final score 2-0

Date : 11th July


Understrength Forza extend the lead to six points. Only 11 players available to start from and 1 reserve in Elfi who came late as usual. In form Eddie hit four and Loi who will be enlisted to NS bagged a brace for himself. No real keeper available forced Sufi to be one. The versatile player did well enough by gaining the clean sheet. 4 goals in the first half were contributed bythe flankers. Loi and Eddie both getting two goals each steering Forza to comfortable lead at the break. Eddie added another two before Cina complete the demolition job with a brace. Final score 8-0 to Forza

Date : 5th July


Its less than 6 months,yet we met Segar Knights again.Even though its friendly, the Knights approached this game with to win mentality after failed to beat Forza twice recently in D2D sat league matches. Pre match talk , warm up were done by the Knights where for Forza case....nothing much was prepared as this was only friendly.

Forza deployed the formation where its forced Knights to play the long ball. No build up play from the back was created as Forza knew Knights play. Thru their long ball, a defensive mistake created the first and only goal for the Knights. A party atmosphere by the Knights fans and reserves exploded like as if the Knights were winning the champions league. Azman equalised to silence the crowd before Azmey who walk thru their centre defence to get the winning goal.

Date : 28th June


After getting a walkover from TYFC, again... Forza was forced to search for a last min game even though it was on sun. Luck was on our side as we got one at East View Sec. for a short time of period. A surprised info from the organiser that TYFC could not find enough players for our league match where Jai the TYFC manager requested the organiser to postpone our match at the last min. Thunderstorm occured during the late evening on the north side of spore where most of games was abandoned. A bad decision by TYFC and a good omen for Forza. Three free points gained.

Game on sun saw the returning of Sham. Ala with his wide smile playing upfront did not dissapoint his fan with a goal to his name. Eddie extend his goal tally to a massive 32. After getting his hat-trick in the first half, his fourth goal was the icing on the cake from a simple build up on the left flank for him to finish off the move with a powerful header. Final score 11-4 to Forza

Date : 21st June



This friendly match was forced to be call off after a sudden thunder storm occurred up north. Both teams already in the field but the ref was nowhere to be seen. Few calls to the organiser were made but no response from them. Base on experience, we call off the game ourselves due to safety reason and get out of the place. Period.

A last min. arrangment had to be made after no game on sat where a rare sun morning game at 9am braddell weslake had to be booked to satisfy our weekend football games. Only 9 players turned plus 1 guest player from TYFC making it 10. All goals coming in the first half where both teams managed to salvage a draw. A bad call by the ref deny Taj from getting a brace after he rule Sap of interfering of play which could be Forza winner.

Date : 14th June



A freaking howler by Azman who took the custodian role after Ala unable to turned up raised some eyebrows after Forza lead was cut to 1 goal cushion making the game more tense in the final ten minutes. Eddie completes his brace killing the game taking the final score to 3-1.

A defensive approached by Gaza when they employed the 4-5-1 system with 1 striker upfront intending to choke Forza midfield. The impresive combination of Sap and Naz in the middle of the park dictating most Forza moves and break any attacks from Gaza. Eddie break the deadlock after a failed offside trap from Gaza in the 24th min. Forza keep pressing for 2nd goals but poor finishing failed her. Change of personel broke Forza momentum but from a free kick, Forza earned her 2nd goal. A school boy error by Azman closed the gap to 1 goal before Eddie had his final say of the game.

Date : 6th June



Forza survived some late scare after conceding a dubious penalty from some good acting from X-United striker. Fortunately the penalty taken went wide denying them from getting any point from the game. Forza dominating the first half but poor finishing denied her from sitting at the comfortable zone. Cina opened the game scoring account after a quick thinking from Najib who created the first move for Naz to pass it Cina to finish it. X-United levelled the score minutes before the break when a rare mistake from Sufi gave away Forza lead. Change of few personel at the 2nd half broke Forza momentum as X-United got their strides. Eddie rare header finally sealed three points as both teams failed to produce more goals in the game. Final score 2-1 to Forza.

Date : 31st May


Without a proper keeper, Sufi is forced to take the custodian role after Azman failed to turn up for this fixture against Tampines Youngster FC. A defensive mode is turned on to protect the inexperienced Sufi with occasional attacks on the flanks. Cina brace in the first half taking Forza to two nil lead at the break. With more offensive players coming at the break, Change of tactical and formation did the trick as Forza extend the lead to 3 nil thru Azmey just after the restart. 3 more goals were added with Sapare brace and the top hitman Eddie closed the final account of the day making it 6 nil to Forza making statement to TYFC that the thrashing Forza gave them during the friendly is not a fluke.

Date : 23rd May


Forza earned another three points against the inexperience team in Fushan FC. The main highlight of the game when the top two hitman failed to hit the net. Forza possesion game minimised Fushan from making any threathening moves which earned Forza first clean sheet of the league. Goals coming from the unlikely source of Najib, Naz and Sap proved that other department is contributing goals.

Friendly on sun against Bishan Eleven proved to be a dissapointed game as the man in black proved to be under par as calls made for both teams seems to be questionable. The ref call off the game after 20 mins of the 2nd half after both teams are tied at 2-2. Both teams willing to continue but the ref insist of stopping the game and one thing good about it we do not need to pay for the game.

Date : 18th May


Forza earned her first points by defeating the Stallionze with ten goal thriller at sembawang. Forza took her lead thru Kila before Stallionce equilised thru bad defending. Forza took her 2nd lead again before Stallionce equilised again. Forza took the lead to 3-2 at the break thru Cina. Stallionze resistant prove fruitful as they again equlised making it 3-3 before Forza reserves increase the playing tempo creating 3 goals for Forza making it 6-3. Stallionze get their final goal of the game but not enough to prevent Forza from getting her first win.

Another raining goals in Bedok created by Forza during the friendly when eight goals were seen . Eddie with his hat-trick, Cina his brace, Shawal, Sk and Acit one each .

Date : 10th May


Forza fall short as fatigue took its toll as only 10 players turned up for the first league game. Players supposed to turned up failed to do so making difficult for the team. Playing with 10 men, Forza control and dominated the first half with Cina hit the post twice denying any goals . Not much penetration from ISCOS as the defence stood well. Forza conceded two early golas thru counter attacks. Sapare reduced the deficit making it more tensed. Forza pressed for the equalizer instead the final goals came again from the counter attacks at the near of the final minutes. Final score 1-3 to Forza.

Playing on sun against a better team than ISCOS, Forza finally found the shooting boots. Surprisingly coming from unlikely players. SK getting his first for this year thru a penalty. Shawal, Cina and Faizal chipped in one goals each taking back Forza to winning ways. Final score 4-2 to Forza.

Date : 3rd May


February proved to be fruitful as our main objectives was to get positives result across the causeway and we did it in style. Playing in Kompleks Sukan Bukit Mutiara and the popular Dataran is definately one of the best experience we had. On top of that winning the D2d sat league , we were offered to play a social league in Johor after geting positives review from the local.

Date : 23rd Feb




Acit ????



A game where Sapare had to take the custodian post as no recognised keeper were avialable where Forza was forced to play pressing game at the start. 4 goals was created. All coming from the attackers and 1 own goal taking Forza lead to 4 at the break. Change of personel affected the Forza momentum a bit. Cina brace taking forza lead to 5. Lack of concentration due to opponents fighting each other in the field cost Forza 2 goals at the end of the final period. Final score 5-2 To Forza.

Again game cancelled at braddell due to miscommunication after players reached at the place.

Date : 26th April


The odds of three teams coming to play at the same venue and time is rare. But we faced this problem during this weekend. One at Siglap Sec and the other was at Braddell. After much discussion among the teams captain and ref, we got to play against Network United as the opponent we supposed to play did not have enough players. After missing games due to weather the week before, Forza unleashed the frustration with demolishing Network United with 11- 1. Both Cina and Azman earned their hat-trick presuuring Eddie to maintain his form.

At Braddell , same thing happened again and the proposal that each team playing 35 mins against each other? Weird proposal but true. Instead of playing,trophy given to players for winning the D2D Sat div 1 league and the golden boot to Jujut for being the hottest player last year.

Date :19th April



Playing against a young opponent in Spore Poly Sports Club, it open up some of our weakness in some area. Playing in a unfamiliar 4-3-3 formation Forza conceded two soft goals. Seeing the opponent got cocky after the two goals, Forza increase the tempo of the game and attacking at their most weak point. Substitute Kila turned to be the man of the match terrorising the flank giving the fullback lots of back pedalling. Loi and Kila levelled the score to 2-2 at the break. Change of personelity did the trick when Sap was pushed forward to give some phisical present upfront. He put his name on the scoresheet before Kila added the final goal of the game courtesy of a good play from Azmey. final score 4-2 to Forza.

Sun game at braddell turned to be the return leg against Schering Plough. the last time we met was 2 all. This time we were able to get a clean sheet and two goals courtesy of Sufi and Taj. Both goals coming in the first half. A stunner from the dimutive Sufi who again remind everyone why he's the player's player of march with his performance. Final score 2-0 to Forza.

Date : 5th April


A shock defeat against Glasgow who we played before surprised most of the players Good thing its only friendly and finally the weight of unbeaten streak is off. The only goal of the game came from a sloppy defending where the defence failed to clear the ball for the opponent to utilise the mistake. Forza huff and puff thruout the game searching for the equalizer but failed to register a goal.

Forza unleashed the frustration on Bishan CDC after the lost with registrating the biggest goal margin of the year. Brothers Acit and Sufi opened their account with goals to their name. Sufi confirmed to be players player of this month with a brace and the man of the match performance.

Date : 30th March


Forza downfall in the second half showed that the fringe players are not able to dethrone the first eleven yet. Leading 4 nil at the break, the fringe players still need more guidance understanding Forza priciple of football. Three soft goals conceded in the space of 15 mins before Faizal is forced to steady the ship by playing the last man again. Again, short of capable strikers prevent more goals for Forza. Final score 4-3 to Forza.

Date : 22nd March


Two games arranged yet both were cancelled. Next sun will try to get one at Braddell Weslake where rain, shine, thunderstorm or hurricane ...the field caretaker does not really bother to stop the game.Pray for Faizal to get one over there. Long wet season is here to stay

Date : 15th March


A game where Forza could nearly put two teams. Unexpected players turned up for this friendly where games were cancelled at other locations due to the thunderstorm and rain. Forza started on a bad note when a miscommunication from the defence department created the first and only goal for Black Pearls. Forza responded with attacks coming from both flanks. Forza responded with five goals. Subs Cina and x player added two more in the second half taking it 7-1 to Forza.

Date : 8th March


After playing in the league and some oversea games, friendlies seems to be a secondary goal for Forza. With some players moving on, new players and players coming back from long lay off due to injuries were given time to gel with the current team. Lackluster performance from every department was expected but the defence stand out to be the pillar of the team. A game of few chances where set pieces and counter attacks were the only way to unlock the defence. Both teams unable to break the deadlock at the break. Change in personel in the 2nd half did the trick. Forza first attack created the only goal of the game just after the restart. The unlucky opponent reserve keeper first touch was to take the ball from his own net. final score 1-0 to Forza.

Date : 1st March


There will always be the first for everything. Playing at Dataran, SK first playing at Johor, Azmey away goal and ref happens to be on the home side. Like playing against 13, with ref and home supporters factors behind oversea game ,makes it so memorable and beautiful. No doubt it is friendly but the level of playing is more higher than the league when Spore team is playing there. Sarcastic remarks from the sidelines can be heard all thruout the game. The only way to shut them out is take control and win.

Date : 23rd Feb


Again we have to wait for them to get themselves ready before we start the game . The first time when we met them , their excuse was they were waiting for their trophy from the organiser as the were the champ.This time at 5:15 when we were ready to play, Mag. 11 still not enough player to start . Got to wait till 5: 30 before the game is finally on. If we are to report to the organiser , it is confirmed a walkover . But a win on the field factor is much worthwhile.

A see saw battle between two teams where both defense seems to lost control of the game when 7 goals were seen on the first half. Mag 11 open the scoring before Forza levelled the score and took the lead. Mag. 11 did the Forza to level and recapture the lead before Forza levelled and took her lead for good before the break. Siddiq closed the scoring acount for the day at the second half taking Forza lead to two. Final score 5-3.

Date : 21 Feb


The worst ref ever send by the D2D organiser to officiate Forza game. Calls made were inconsistent and one sided .Special instruction given to the refs who officiate Forza by the organiser is proved to be true. Acknoledged by the man in black and even some opponents ( which is our friends) did tell us about some tips from the ref.

Playing against a league team from sun league NWSS , Forza is able to gauge the strength of the league teams. With so many injuries occured to many players after a long season, Forza gave 2 trialist in Kiran and Darryl to have a go with the team. Both impressed the boys with their basic understanding of the game and with more time given to them, reading of each other players game should be at ease. Again , change of tactical formation did enough as our top hitman Eddie and Azman added one each steering Forza to a 2 nil win.

Date : 15th Feb


After getting a news that we'll be getting a walk over due to Nova does not want to play against us, we we offered to have a friendly at West Spring against TTN. As early in the first minute, Forza conceded the first goal thru a sloppy defending. The goal change Forza approached with playing the pressing game at the opponent half. 3 goals from Forza with Azman, Azmey and Ala the keeper who converted the penalty taking Forza lead to 2 at the break. An own goal and Cina scorcher in the second half was enough to see off TTN. Final score 5-1 to Forza.

Playing again on a hot sun afternoon, Forza was forced to start with 8 men. Playing with 8 men , Faizal surprised the fangless Vipers with a stunner to open the floodgate. Azman get Forza 2nd goal surprising the 11 players Vipers. Into 20 min, Forza was able to field 11 players and two more goals was added taking Forza lead to 4 at the break. As early in the first min of kick off, Forza got their fifth and Azman rounded his superb performance with his 4th goal after getting 'screwed' the day before due to his well below par performance. Vipers get their consolation goal near at the end of the game after Sufi the smallest and shortest keeper save a penalty from them. Final score 6-1 to Forza

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Cactusians nightmare showing following keeper no show

Team Forza. 6           vs           Questra Vipers FC. 1
                                                                 Scorers: J. Ou

Report by 

Chua Chu Kang Secondary – Questra Vipers suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Team Forza in the afternoon’s exhibition friendly in a heated match that could have seen players from both sides sent off. A depleted Vipers squad missing several key players were made to play for the second time in a month without a goalkeeper and were humiliated as Team Forza clinically exposed their weakness in goal to race into an unassailable 4-0 half time lead, courtesy of some goalkeeping gaffes by stand-in goalkeeper, Vipers B team defender Richard Lee.

A demoralizing first period duly gave way to a much improved second half performance from the Vipers, following a real earful from coach Song Lihui, who made in no uncertain terms how disgusted he was with the attitude of the players following the concession of the first half goals. The Vipers continued to threaten and had some neat build up play, only to be denied by an impressive Team Forza goalkeeper who had a flawless game.

Forward John Yeong then won a penalty for the Vipers after going down in the penalty area, but was then denied by the keeper who saved his resulting spot kick. It was not till 15 minutes from time that the Cactusians managed to find the back of the net when striker James Ou latched onto a pass from Aw Yongsheng and rounded the keeper to get the Vipers on the scoresheet.

Of a concern to the club will be the fitness of defender Daniel Huang, who limped out of action early in the second half with an ankle injury. With the league opener just 6 days away, the gaffer will be hoping for better luck next weekend.

Song: Attitude, not quality of play the concern

Ex-Chinese international Song Li Hui insisted it was not defeat itself but the attitude of the players which brought on the half-time hairdryer treatment.

‘We were always going to lose today, because this (Team Forza) is a team who has played much longer than we have and because we did not have a proper goalkeeper in goal.’

‘It was not losing that was cause for concern though, but the attitude of our players. The first period was a disgrace and only Jaimy and Zheng Yu displayed the kind of fighting spirit the team sorely lacked.’

‘The second half was a tremendous improvement and to have scored a goal in the end is a form of consolation for us having played well.’

Following a 2 month stint in Singapore, Song will be returning to China next Saturday to return to Chinese League football for a year and is as yet unable to confirm his next return to Singapore.

‘It doesn’t matter that I’m not around for the league opener. I have faith in this team. What the players must realize is it’s more than just teamwork but perseverance and the willingness to fight for one another. This is the value they must add to the team’s code of ethics.’

*Vipers FC Man-of-the-Match: Tan Zheng Yu

Starting Line-up:

    19. Richard Lee* (GK)

       6. Chow Yonghan

     40. Tan Zheng Yu

 5. Daniel Huang

14. Hadi Wibawa

  4. Tan Li Yu

11. Jaimy Chadam

12. Aloysius Ong

22. Aw Yongsheng

  7. John Yeong

13. James Ou


  8. Tan Yihui (for Daniel Huang) 

*. Tan Yizhong* (for Richard Lee)



Date : 8th Feb


Forza overcame some nerves in the opening minutes with impressive display of attacking football. Forza opened the floodgates as early as 5 minutes when Siddiq blast from a distant leaving the keeper stranded. 4 more goals were added before the break with Eddie getting the hat-trick and Najib earned his first goal of the year. Our recently elected player of the month Cina added the final goal of the game making it six unanswered goal.

Date : 2nd Feb


Cina lead Forza comeback after conceded the first goal of the game. His equaliser drive Forza leveled at the break. Top of the list hitman Eddie added the second goal for Forza after a good work from the left flank from Kila taking his tally to 7. Cina got his second at the 65th min before Kila closed the score with the final goal of the game. A good warm up game before we headed over the causeway.

Date : 24th Jan


Shawal scorcher in the second half ecplise Eddie hat-trick taking him to the hitman list. Forza opened the floodgates as early as 10 mins as Azmey blast his first goal of the year. Eddie added one more taking Forza lead to 2 before complacent took control of Forza. FC HI levelled the score forcing Forza to increase their playing gear and two more goals were added before the break. Two foreign imports were added in FC HI to strengthen in the second half yet no goals were conceded by Forza. Instead Eddie completed his hat-trick , Shawal first goal of the year and own goal by the foreign imports added more goals for Forza. Final score 7-2.

Date : 18th Jan


A game meant for players coming back from injury and players who cant get enough minutes on our league game prove to be eyes opener when we can see the difference of playing level between D2D and EFL. Playing against a league team using our majority of reserves proved to be fruitful as we managed to win over them. Azman opened his 2009 account as early in the 5th min. Long lost Fadzuly added Forza 2nd goal from a corner before Team Orange pulled one back before the break thru a penalty. Team orange did levelled the score to 2-2 making it more tense. Change to tactical formation did the trick as Forza get the final goal of the game. Final score 3-2 to Forza.

Team Orange Report>>>>

Date : 11th Jan


Three points gain at the unfamiliar ground of Sembawang PSA field. Goals coming from the usual suspect with Eddie getting a brace and Cina added the final goal of the game. With Mag 11 our nearest rival dropping points at Tanglin, Forza continue to soar at the top thankx to our fans in superstar and khairul who gave much 'encouragement'.

Date : 11th Jan


One of the most exciting game we had for quite sometimes. After trailing 3 goals at the break, Forza were forced to do some tactical change. Forza did levelled the score to 3-3 thru Eddie, Cina & Mohamad. At the final minutes of the game , Forza conceded the killer goal. Final score 3-4 to Forza.

Date : 5th Jan


Two goals in each half is enough to see off OK GO . Eddie opened the scoring with a wonder strike from a distant to beat the helplesss keeper in the 18th min. Cina extend Forza lead to two at the break. Subs Wandi & Mohammad added one omer each for themselves before OK GO got their consolation thru a penalty. Final score 4-1 to Forza.

Date : 27th Dec


Playing with 10 players in the 3pm heat did bother Forza as Ventz came with 23 players. Forza surprisingly control the game with more possesion in her own half trying to slow down the game. Sloppy defending created first Ventz goal. More urgency was seen in Forza plays as Kila levelled the score. With Siddiq made it 11 in the 2nd half, Forza created havoc blasting 5 more goals making it 6-1 to Forza.

Date : 22nd Dec


The so call 'angelic team thru organiser eyes' found to be otherwise. As we experienced thru our yesterday game.I've found out that refs are instructed to watch our teams more closely. In fact, our yellows were mostly debatable. U can see the ref body language which player he concentrate on. Nova player did something unsportsmanlike behaviour but ofcourse the ref turn his head away. Wandi came out with blood on his nose after getting elbow unnecessary when the ball is 40 metres away. Just like the week before when no players from our team got yellow. We were reported to receive 2 yellow. So expect the result and record to be different from ours.It is quite norm for organisers to protect their 'own' team as we recieved this kind of treatment before .

Date : 21 Dec


The battle of top two teams happened to be a tactical one as both team started with cautious . Another blunder by the defense cause Forza to concede early goal. A wonder strike by Kila levelled the scored silencing 529ers supporters as Kila screamer was from a distant catching the keeper off guard. Forza added three more goals in the second half with Eddie getting his first league goal.

Date : 14th Dec


Our second meeting with Rexy proved to be bad luck for the opponents as Forza demolished Rexy with ten unanswered goal. Goals coming from every department with Eddie contributing 4, Siddiq with 3, Cina 1 and Wandi had his first goal for Forza this year with a brace. Debutant Jason did enough to impress but the real test will be next week when we resume the league game.

Date : 7th Dec


A game of few chances created as both teams defensive formation choked on each other attacks. Forza drop two points as Segar Knights equalised in the dying minutes courtesy of childish error by Azman. Twice Forza took the lead which dissolve by poor defending. Loi the main culprit as he failed to follow the backline as the defence is pushing forward which cause the first goal by Segar. He got himself in trouble as he sreceived his second yellow for stamping the opponents which forced Forza to defend in the final minutes.

Date : 30th Nov


Forza struggled to get going in the first half as only a goal is produced courtesy of Azman. Change in personel did enough when more attacking plays were created and three goals were added all by the substitutes making it 4 nil to Forza. Again the ref standard is being question as many calls seems to be on the Duxton Boys.

Date : 22nd Nov


Another poor defensive display by Forza which cause 3 goals conceded. 2 by set pieces and the other was due to lack of concentration in the final minutes of the game. Azman hat-trick handed OK Go their first defeat of the league. His brace in the first half before he completed his hat-trick thru a penalty after Sapare was hacked in the six yard box. Kila added one more making it 4-3 to Forza claiming another 3 points.

Date : 16th Nov



After keeping a clean sheet and leading 4 goals at the break, man of the match Ala volunteered to play as a striker. He showed us a glimse of brazilian magic when he scored the final goal of the game thru the keeper legs. He nearly won a penalty when he was hacked in the six yard box but the ref gave him a yellow for stimulating a dive. He even forced the keeper to have the best save of the day with a thunderous volley. Final score 5-0 .

Blas report

Location : Boon Lay Sec
A rain off last week saw a lot of eager players lined up for this match. Sixteen players were present to defend the Blas colors. Our Malay opponents looked a lot younger than us and their aprox. age was closer to 18. We started off with good hopes following our performances in the Tournament. We had plenty of subs so we should be able to weather the storm of youth. However after ten minutes we would have to concede a goal as a ball was played deep between our central defenders and our keeper came out a little quick. A cunning little chip over David put Forza’s first goal on the scoreboard. Unluckily for us they were just warming up and they were passing the ball fluently over the pitch. Their second goal came from a corner kick which should have been cleared by us. But the loose ball ended up in front of a lucky Forza player who could score a bit too easily. Their third goal was a beautiful thing to watch, unless you are a Blas player off course. The ball was played out wide on the right side, taken to the byline and crossed towards the second post where it was headed in against the net. Just too good too handle. Half time was spent licking our wounds and
figuring out how to save some pride and what tactics would be needed. Forza was attempting to play some show football and we were not going to be on the receiving end of that. Second half we played a bit tighter marking game and putting in the challenges where needed. This resulted in a few chances of which we should have put at least one away.
John sped up the pitch one on one with their keeper and could not decide between shooting or laying it off to Filip and the resulting shot/pass went wide. Tom and Sian received some bad tackles and will probably be out for a week or two. Match ended with a 5-0 loss, our pride a bit in tatters, but the honest truth was that they were just the better team.

Date: 9th Nov


Each goal in each half by Azman did enough to redeem himself after a blunder he made the week before. Playing as a striker , he showed us where we were missing for the last few weeks. Jujut playing as a second striker contributed with a goal before being taken out at the break. Another average defensive display by Forza by getting a clean sheet with Acit the most outstanding player among the defenders making him the man of the match. Final score 3-0 to Forza.

Date : 1st Nov


A goals galore after a barren spell lift some spirit after a shock loss. Goals coming from all over the department escalating some players personel goal tally. Jujut hat-trick was deterred by his mistake in the dying minutes when he gave away the third goal for the oppnnent showing him that defending is not easy job as he think.

Date : 26th Oct


Two weeks in a row where the strikers have difficulty in putting the ball in the net.Chances were created but the finishing touch failed them. A school boy error by Azman gave away the only goal of the game from a hrmless free kick. Forza pressed for the equilizer in the second half but filed to do so. The ref had to stop the game 10 minutes earlier as unsportmanlike behavior from Wandi spoil the match after many poor decisions from the ref which both teams agreed that the ref cause the game to distrupt.

Date : 25th Oct


Forza started the D2D sat league campaign with a positive result with a 2 nil win over Wudsvale 03 FC. Poor finishing from the striking department denied Forza from getting more goals after creating so many chances. Change in personel in the second half did the trick as substitute Cina break the deadlock from a corner. Mohammad double Forza lead to two in space of two minutes ensuring Forza gaining her first three points.

Wudsvale report

even before the game started, the war has already been lost. wv03 didnt start the league as it dreamt to have but everyone was optimistic. wv03 went into the game with 10 players as eddie came in late and jep overslept after a night of partying. he didnt even get onto the field due to fatigue. nevertheless the team went on with one of the league's favourite, Forza. wv03 was without its youngsters and went into the game without any substitutes as compared to the 7 players waiting outside of the field for Forza. definitely the opponent had depth to the team.
Forza went into attacking mode as soon as the whistle was blown. wv03 had to endure a hell of a 45 minutes of football with Foza having at least 3 open chances infront of goal. luckily for wv03, amin was in good form to deny Forza.
upfront, fahmy and din was trying their best to get a glimpse of the goal but as compared to Forza who ended the game with 16 shots at wv03 goal, its clear that the strikers was out of form.
wv03 managed to hold the attacking force of Forza for the first half but in 10 minutes of the second half, wv03 crumbled with 2 goals in succesion. new legs on the left and right flank of Forza brought the collapse of wv03 defenders. ron was beaten time and again by the left midfielder, having to run non stop during the whole game. he gave all to chase the loose balls in the left area where Forza was attacking non stop. captain rohmy did well to marshal the defence but determination wasnt enough as the players ran on non stop till fatigue took tolls on their legs.
although wv03 didnt give up on chasing the game back, it was evident that Forza was a better team for the day. worth the fight and worth the challenge in time to come.
its a long way to the league and wv03 must improve so as not to lose track of the top 3 of the table. its a hard work ahead for the players but definitely a challenge.
time to wake up from the slumber guys ..


Date : 19th Oct


Offensively we got a good workout but defensively, we were not really stretch to the limit. Sufi playing as a back up keeper was not tested enough. An own goal by Shawal prevent Forza from getting a clean sheet. Azman and Eddie both got their hat-trick with Jujut had his brace before Aloi, Taj & Najib added more embarassment to the Youngsters. Final score 11- 1 to Forza.

Date : 11th Oct


Forza is forced to field the injured Faizal as a makeshift striker which surprisingly he did very well. Majority of players still in the Hari Raya mood where a handful of players is only available. Julius returned after a long lay off due to injury lead Forza with two goals. Azmey brace and another by Eddie is enough to see Team Zone off.Final score 5-3 to Forza.

Date : 4th Oct


Forza struggle due to lack of communication between players. Cina opened the scoring in the 5th min after a good work from the left by Jujut. More attacking plays were created but poor finishing denied any more goals in the first half. Change of personnel in the second half created 4 goals between the two teams. Forza conceded 2 goals thru set piece forcng Forza to play the catching game. Azman equalised just after Forza 2-1 down. Top hit man Jujut did not dissapoint his fans as he scored the winning goal. Final score 3-2 to Forza.

Date : 27th Sept


More defensive approach by both teams were seen in the opening minutes.Less scoring opportunity as both midfielders cancelled out any threatening moves. Forza opened the scoring through Sapare after Mohammad teased Red Indian fullback and crossed it to the six yard box for Sapare to tapped it in. Forza lead 1 nil at the break.Just After the restart, Forza was denied a penalty when Mohammad is clearly fouled. Kila extend Forza lead to 2 when he capitalised from a rebound shot by Jujut.He added another one when he blast from a tight angle. Red Indian got their solitary goal cutting Forza lead to 2. Jujut brought back Forza lead to 3 when a mistake by Red Indian defence for him to capitalised on it. Acit put the final insult to Red Indian in the dying minutes with a goal. Final score 5-1 to Forza

Date: 21st Sept


More like a training session for everyone when the opponent came out with 5 players only. Luckily we were out in numbers as we were able to provide 5 players for the opponent. Cant blame the guys entirely as it was more like a kick about session. Definately not good for preparation for the upcoming league.

Date : 20th Sept


After missing two playing days because of rain off the week before, we are desperate to have two games in a row.The sat. game was again cancelled out due to rain. Both teams and the ref already reached Farrer park where we were schedule to play but the field warden denied every party to have a football game there because . Instead an alternatif location , Henderson sec was available for us to play. All rushedt there to ease their hunger of football. Cina lead Forza with four goals.Mohammad and Eddie added two each before Kila and Acit increase their goal tally to one more each. Mission FC got their consolation goal thru a penalty after Sufi hacked the striker in the penalty box. Final score 10-1 to Forza.

Our sunday back up game( in case sat cancel again)was against a team playing in league. Quite pro looking as their warming up seems professoinal. Forza banged in 7 goals embarassed the home team. Jujut again soared to a new height to 32 goals in a season with his hat-trick. Eddie brace and Sapare added one for himself before Ala our keeper put his name on the scoring sheet thru a penalty. Final score 7-3 to Forza.

Date : 14th Sept


Without proper keeper, Sapare & Wandi were forced to take the custodian role in each half. Both did well when only a goal in each half were conceded. Debutant Eddie will push Forza right wingers for a starting place as he performed quite well at the right flank. Once he knows Forza players, he will be one on the match winners definately. Goals coming from every department. Surprisingly its the defender Faizal who scored two.... showing others how to finish. Final score 7-2 to Forza.

Date : 30th Aug


Playing against the same team in a year is not to our liking but it happened again. This time against Marina Rangers which we played a month and a half ago at Beatty Sec. Forza started brightly with Jujut opened the floodgates. His brace escalated his goal tally to impressive 28. Mohamamd added two more and Sapare only goal of the game took Forza lead to five before the break. The highlight of the game was either Mohammad completed his hat-trick and Ala saving a penalty, keeping a clean sheet.You score 6-0 to Forza.

Date : 17th Aug




Mohammad & Azmey ensured Forza did a double on Ventz FC with both added two goals for themselves in each half. Again , without proper keeper for two weeks in a row, cost Forza dearly. Forza opened the scoring thru Mohammad in the 10th min after a good work from Jujut.Ventz equalised immediately from a slow reaction from the keeper. Mohammad again took Forza to lead again before Ventz equalised thru a penalty after Wandy brought the stiker down.Changed in formation and personel did the trick as Mohammad created the goal of the game for Azmey to finished it. Azmey added the final goal of the game from a good team movement which stretch Ventz defence. Final score 4-2 to Forza.

Date : 10th Aug


One of the best games we had when our opponents make up from NFL Div 1 players. Even though the score was 2-4 in favour of the opponents, we knew how much we stretch the team to the limit. Two school boy mistake from keeper Azman spoiled the score as both teams exchanged blows to the limit. Six goals were created on the first half with Faizal opened his account for 2008. Looking back after the game, newcomer Sheik can obviously contribute in the keeper department with Azman to be push upfront.

Date : 2nd Aug


Cina and Jujut lead Forza to her biggest win so far this year with both scoring hat-trick. Mohammad added one for himself before Loi & Sufi again spoil the score with yellow cards each. Ecstatic Cina with his first hat-trick could not wait for the next game as his srcoing boots has returned.

Date : 27th July


When three parties (Ourselves , opponents & especially the warden)gave the green light to play, Alex the ref said no. He came late when everyone is on the field waiting for him and forced the inexperinced warden to call his supervisor to call off the game.Tried to convince the field supervisor that th egame can be playable but failed. After Alex left, we and the opponent organise ourselves to play some kick about. Surprisingly Alex came back 15mins into the game wanted to ref the match. We chased him away stating this is only kikc about sessions among football fanatics which does not need any ref to control the game. Kudos to opponents who really wanted to play some social footbal.

Date : 19th July


After having a good sat game, playing against KB was a nightmare.The ref could not control the game (seen on the blue shirt) and the player from KB (Black shirt) started the mayhem with unsportsmanlike behaviour. Players from both side came into each other with physical approach. Game was force to end after shameful behavior from both teams. This thing should not happened if the ref is doing his job.

Date : 13th July


Finally a good run end. Its been a long time when Forza strikeforce is shut down. Call it bad luck but its more to poor finishing. Sufi & Jujut did rock the post twice. More attacking plays were created, but the keeper did very well with lots of saves. The only goal of the game came from one hopeful attack from the opponent where they capitalised on it. Forza pegged the opponents on their own halfs but no more goals were created. Final score 0-1 to Forza.

Date : 5th July


The last time we met Rangers was six months ago at Riverside Sec where we thrashed them good. This time with so call their full strength team, again they are unable to win against us. Keeper Ala have not much things to do in the first half. A new defensive formation which we are trying to employ did the trick as the midfielders in Sapare and Azmey took Forza lead to 2 nil at the break. Poor finishing from the upfront unit failed Forza from getting more goals. Second half started with changed of formation. This result Ragers getting the final goal of the game at the final minutes preventing Forza from getting a clean sheet.Final score 2-1 to Forza.

Date : 28th June


Its been awhile for Forza to earn a cleansheet, surprisingly against agood team in Valante Viper. Twenty players turned up for this game making it somekind of a record for Forza. In form Jujut again opened the floodgate followed by Azmey and Julius.Vipers managed to con the ref when one of the players dramatic action in the six yard box earning them a penalty.His action is more suitable for 'Anugerah' which did enough to manipulate the below par ref standard. Luckily for us, the stupid penalty taker get conned by Sham antics at the post. After the break, Forza added one more thru Acit making it 4 nil to Forza.

Date 21st June


Forza gave away two cheap goals preventing them from earning a clean sheet. Both goals coming from set pieces in the secong half after Forza lead Kelong FC 4 nil at the break courtesy of Jujut with two and Sapare and long time awol Azmey with one each.

Kelong FC reduced the scoreline to 4-1 through a penalty just after the restart. Azmey grab his second when he broke free from a static Kelong defence restoring the 4 goal cushion. Again Forza conceded another goal from a free kick just outside of the penalty box. Juuust like a playstation game, Kila responded immediately with a bang after going solo thru Kelong defence. Final score 6-2 to Forza.

Date : 16th June


A hectic weekend for Forza as we had two games in two days. First we were informed that we'll be meeting a strong team by the organiser in Glasgow which happened to be the team we played before few months back which we won. In-form Jujut lead Forza with his hat-trick and Taj double and Elfi solitary goal were enough to see off Glasgow.Again , lack of concentration provide Glasgow with the final goal of the game preventing Forza from getting a clean sheet.

The icing of the cake when we beat convincingly the intercon team of Sembawang at their own homeground. The team lead by their arrogant & loudmouth coach who kept shouting improper & unsportsmanlike words from the sideline when the score were even. Jujut opened the scoring as early as 5th min before Sembawang equalised at the 15th min.More sacarstic remarks were made by the coach till the break. Change of tactical after the break did the trick as Forza banged in 3 more goals which silence the Sembawang bench. Final score 4-1 to Forza.

Date : 1st June


Majestic performance from Taj dictating from the midfield ensure Forza had full control of the game. As early as 52 seconds from the start, Julus opened the floodgate after getting behind the backline. Taj extended to two goal advantage directly from a corner before Jujut aund Sapare added one each to'kill' the game.

Azman added one for himself after the break before Sapare closed Forza account with his second.Again after taking the lead, Forza put their feet off the gas and let the opponent to have their consolation goal. Final score 6-1 to Forza.

Date :24th May


Another player just updated his name into the banned players from taking a penalty.No pressure is put on him as he volunteer to take the penalty after we took a 4 goal lead, yet he failed to capitalised from the spot kick. Cina capitalised on the strong combination of forwards lineup as his brace opened up the scoring before Mohammad and leading hitman Jujut added one for themselves.Rexy pulled one back before the break reducing Forza lead to 3.

Rexy tried to penetrate Forza defence with their short passing game but only could score one goal reducing the deficit to two goal. Final score 4-2 to Forza

Date : 17th May


It tooks 20 minutes for Forza to start playing. After conceding a goal, sense of urgency forced Forza to wake up and get back to level term. More attacking plays were created. Jujt levelled the score and steered Forza to one goal advantage at the break.

Change in formation created more chances. 5 minutes after the restart, Marceles levelled the score to 2-2. Elfi, Shawal and Acit created more chances for themselves by closing down space upfront. Their effort prove fruitful as Acit's brace extend Forza to 4-2 lead before Marceles got thier final goal of the game. Final score 4-3 to Forza.

Date : 10th May


The returning Julius showed some hunger in his play when he banged in four goals gorging the Oysters ( Curently playing in ESPZEN sat league - one of the top teams) Forza started slowly getting pegged down in their own half. Faizal gave away a penalty as early in the 5th min when he handled the ball in the six yard box. Azman playing as the keeper this time did well as he saved the spotkick taken. Forza broke the deadlock when Julius broke the offside trap taking one goal advantage for Forza till the break.

2nd half started with Forza changed back to usual 4-4-2. More penetration from the flank and more goals were created as Julius added 3 more to his name. Complacency took over Forza as two late goals conceded. Final score 4-2 .

Date : 3rd May


First time partnership between Jujut & Azman upfront proved fruitful as both destroyed Getz United where we drew a month ago. Azman hat-trick and Jujt solitary goal were enough to see off Getz warning other strikers where their place is.

Change in personel in the secong half only produced one goal for Forza as Shawal added his second goal of the season from a corner.Getz got their consolation goal at the end of the play. Final score 5-1 to Forza.

Date : 26th April


Forza turned up the gas after the break banging 4 goals demolished AIG with ease. Playing with 10 men, Forza contained the opponent from making any threatening moves. It took only for a min. when substitute Jujut coming in to open the goal of the game. AIG equalise immediately from a corner Forza conceded.

An injury to Shawal forced Forza to play with 9 players. Sapare lead the attack with a hat-trick and Jujut scored the final goal making it more embarassed for AIG to lose with a big margin when playing with opponents with less players.

Date : 19th April


Substitute Loi had the final say of the game after he capitalised on the mistake of the opponents after Sapare forced the keeper to misjudge the floating ball into the six yard area.Poor finishing from the forward department again prevent us from winning with big margin. The first goal coming from the unlikely source Naz.The full back get his name on the scoresheet in the 26th min. The opponent cancel out Forza lead virtually from the last kick of the first half courtesy from mistake from Azman. Playing for final 25min only, substitute Loi guide Forza to winning way, showing the forwards how to score. Final score 2-1 to Forza.

Date: 6th April


Poor finishing was the main talking point as Forza wasted number of clear cut chances. Forza took the lead thru leading hitman Jujut in the 14th min. Forza should have extend the lead when players should have finished many plays created. Change in personnel in 2nd half cost dearly as Ventz FC levelled the score.Again poor finishing prevent Forza from winning the game.

Date : 30th March



Shawal proved his critics wrong when his only goal decide the scoreline of the game. After a goaless first half, Forza increased the pressure on team X. Waves of attacks coming from the flank fihally broke the deadlock after a fine cross from Kila was met by the advancing Shawal to head home his first goal of the season. Final score 1-0 to Forza.

Date : 15th March


Teams coming to play at Henderson sec were told that the field is used for camping for the students. No football game was allowed to be held there. A screw up by the organiser for not informing the teams regarding the current situation.

Date : 9th March


The self proclaimed unbeatable team face their first defeat in the hands of Forza. Mohammad brace and a goal each from Sapare and trialist Cina is enough to see off SarcoFargo. Mohammad opened his scoring account for this season after a good work from the left side by Kila in the 20th min. SarcoFargo equalised thru from a spot kick after Faizal hacked the opponents striker in the box. Forza took the lead again thru Mohammad when he blasted from the distant just before the break. Sapare extend forza lead to 2 before debutant Cina make it to 4-1 for Forza. Complacency took its toll as Forza gave away the fian goal of the game in the dying minutes.Final score 4-2 to Forza

Date : 3rd March


A brace from Sapare and a goal from Kila, his first for the season are just enough for Forza returning back to winning ways. Again starting with ten players, Forza quickly adapted to the small pitch of bukiut Mearh Sec. Sapare lead Forza with two goals in the first half before the opponent replied thru a penalty. Kila gained back the two goal lead after the break. Team X did managed to close the gap with another goal courtesy from Acit thru hid complacency. final score 3-2 to Forza.

Date : 24th Feb


Ten men Forza survived the onslaught from Tribal 2000 making the opponent cursing for not finishing the game with a win. Without a proper keeper,Sufi again had to take the custodian post. Tribal 2000 taking advantage of our inexperienced backline with long pass behind our fullback. Their first two goals came when our fullbacks failed to clear.Harrun bring back Forza to level term before the opponent increase their lead to two at the break.

Harrun played upfront replacing the ineffective Shawal in the second half who is brought back to midfield position. It paid dividend when Harrun won a penalty for Jujut to closer the gap. He leveledl the score 5 mins from time dissapointing Tribal 2000 supporting fans. Final score 3-3.

Date: 17th Feb


Forza fall apart in the second half after taking 3-2 lead at the break. Under par performance from the backline & ill discipline from some players cause the team playing the catching game. A wonder srike from Taj enable Forza to equalise after the opponent taking the lead.Final score 5-5

Date : 10th Feb


One of the worst performance by Forza as players seems to lack of understanding in each other roles. Basics fundamentals of the game were rarely seen as players seems interested in putting their name in scoresheet. Goals coming from the unlikely source as regular goal scorer seems to forget their shooting boots. Sufi opened his scoring account after he deceived the last man with his trickery. Forza conceded the equaliuser form a corner and trailed by one goal before the break.

Forza put pressure on Blue Devils after the break with more attacking plays.It paid dividend with Harrun score the equaliser. An own goal by the opponent help Forza took the lead before another unlikely goal scorer from An who blast from a rebouud from the post stretching Forza lead to 2. Final score 4-2.

Date 2nd Feb


Basic defensive errors cost Forza dearly .Azman the main culprit as he failed to arganise the backline.Forza conceded the first goal after Didi gave away the ball in Forza half which FC 204 capitalised it with a goal. Forza equalised just after the break courtesy from Jujut after a good work from substitute Julius. A disorganised backline again help FC 204 to score the winning goal.

Date : 28th Jan


Forza did enough getting used to the playing surface of artificial pitch before the big game in two weeks time.Except for the size of the pitch, tactically we were discipline in every department. A brace for Jujut, Acit & Julius and the final goal of the game courtesy of Elfi were enough to see Ventz FC off. final score 7-2

Date 13th Jan


Playing against inter-con team which got third placing last year definately raised our level of playing. Good organisisation was needed to counter their discipline tactics. Fitness wise , we were much lower than them and compare to their reserves, we were outnumbered. We dont even warm up for the game unlike them. Discipiline wise, we are horrible. This is who we are.

First half actions see both keepers less action as both team defends neutralised each other attacks. Goals came in the second half as Forza conceded the first goal through their set piece. Last year golden boot winner Jujut replied back leveling the score. Again Nee Soon East CSC took the lead on the hour mark before Sapare denied them the winner. Final score 2-2.

Date : 6th Jan



Another wet weekend where it was raining all over Spore. Luckily for us, Braddell weslake pitch is a private field where we were allowed to play even though it is raining.

Forza struggle in the first half having difficulty in adapting to the condition of the pitch where puddles of water can be seen all over the pitch.Short passes were not completed as the ball seems to stuck on the water most of the times.It took 30 min for Forza to open the floodgate courtesy of Sapare.He added two more after the break completing his hat-trick. Substititu Elfi added a brace and Faizal completed the rout to the Keppel Boyz.

Date : 16th Dec


It took only a min for Forza to play with nine men after Jujut injured his ankle forcing him out of the game. Nine players surprisingly did very well with dictating the pace of the game. A brace from Mohammad and Siddiq, Sapare and even Harrun put one goal each before the interval indicating Forza might.

Secong half Forza started with ten men as Eson came late. The player playing as a makeshift striker showed top hitman Jujut how to score as he put his name on the scoresheet. He even rattled the bar with a shot from a distant after breaking the offside trap.Azman and Fazli added one more goal each to their name.Final score 8-1

Date : 8th Dec


After a goaless in the first half with both team neutralised each other attacks, Forza changed formation with Julius partnering Jujut upfront and Siddiq back to his midfield position giving Forza more strength in the middle of the park. This resulted the first goal of the game with Julius opened the scoring with the header courtesy from Siddiq just after the restart. Jujut did not dissapoint his fans as he scored the final goal taking Forza to final.

Date : 2nd Dec


Sapare's double in each half was the main talking point as Forza continue their winning streak. Jujut extend his lead to 26 with An getting his maiden goal and the Impressive Elfi got his third. Final score 7-2 to Forza.

Date 18th Nov


A hat-trick from a 15 yr old Sufi was the highlight of the game as Forza embarassed the home team of Sentol which took pride with their record with a team with winning percentage. Sufi played the striker role after the break when he took the custodion role in the first half. Siddiq stunned the home team with a long range shot openeing the floodgate.He extended the lead direct from the corner before Jujut double taking Forza lead to four.

Four more goals ended at the net of Sentol in the second half with Sapare added one.Sentol approached the game with more physical hoping to get the consolation but the defence marshalled by Faizal did a good job gaining Forza another clean sheet.Final score 8-0

Date 11th Nov


After a long period of struggling getting the basic right, Forza turn the tide around with impressive performance from every department. Playing against one of the social league teams , Euphoria Union, Forza did not get intimidated when we dominated the match throughly, dictating the pace of the game.Three goals in each half and a clean sheet from the defence.Final score 6-0 to Forza.

Date : 10th Nov


After dominating the first half, the reserves and on trial players did not make the grade to challenge the first eleven. some are simply not good enough to play along side with the others.If this continue, playing time for this guys will be cut short or 'transfer out'. Final score : 2-2

Date : 28th Oct


Forza came back from a goal down to gun down the social home team of ITE Dover at their home ground. What make it so special when even the ref was on theri side. Many dubious decisions were made against us. Forza took the lead as early in the 6th min when Jujut smashed the opener.Forza defence was able to keep the home team at bay as they force them to shoot at distant. Through a counter attack, Froza conceded the equaliser before they took the lead form a final kick of the first half from the corner kick.

Debutant Yadi & Firdaus made an impressive debut with a solid performance. Yadi scored the winner after siddiq equalised. Forza could even add more goal as we were denied a penalty after Yadi was chopped down in the box by the keeper. Final score 3-2 Forza.

Date : 20th Oct


Forza final game before Hari Raya ended with another win making 4 in a row for the month of Ramadan before we take two week s break. Kila added two again escalating him to one of the hitman and leader Jujut extend one more making him the leader so far. Final score 3-0 to Forza


Forza struggle to get a decent play in the first half. Poor finishing and disorganised play cost the team to have their usual momentum. After some changes in the second half with Acit moving to the right mid, more penetration from the flank are created and Kila capitalised on this with two goals before Julius added the final goal of the game. Final score 3-0 to Forza

Date : 29th Sept


A moment of lack of concentration caused Forza to concede the only goal denying them earning a clean sheet. Debutant Elfi did enough to convince that he can contribute to the team. Julius return with two goals .Sapare,Elfi and curent leading hitman Jujut added two before Kila scored the final goal of the game. Final score 9-1 to Forza.

Date : 22nd Sept


After dominating the firsr half with all three strikers added their name in the scoresheet, Forza look like any ordinary team in the second period. Defence just could not hold the ball and trailist Charlie just not playing as a striker.Sapare got his marching order for dissent, his first for the season and Kila have his yellow too. Final score 3-2

Date : 16th Sept


Forza experienced the different kind of football in PSMS selections. This team is preparing for their upcoming batam league and we provide some test for them. . A game of much anticipated by the locals as their supporters came in numbers supporting their team.Forza conceded the early goal before Kila cancelled out the opener. PSMS got their lead again with the help of some dreadful defending. The score remained 2-1 to the locals. PSMS extended their lead to 3-1 courtesy of defensive error again. Achit won a penalty in the 70th min for Jujut to close the gap to one goal.Searching for the equaliser, Forza received the final blow when PSMS scored the final goal of the game. Final score 2-4.

Date : 11th Sept


Forza run riot with seven goals in two games in a row. This time we did it with clean sheet gained and the man in black obviously favouring the opponent. The highlight of the game was when SK got his name on the scoresheet for the first time and Harrun got send off from outside of the field! !!! Final score Forza 7 Elias Park FC 0

Date : 2nd Sept


Three soft goals were given away as Forza defence 'sleep' . Too much concentration on the attacking plays leave exposed to the backline. Basic fundamentals of defending was not practise as cheap goals were given. Didi repaid Forza after a bad game previousely by scoring two opening his account for the season. Final score 7-3 to Forza.

Date : 26th Aug


Under strength Forza performed to credible standard when they managed to steal victory against Sim United. Sapare hat-trick escalate him to second in our hitman list. The mighty Sim United took this friendly seriously as their reserves came in numbers where ours just happened to be two with our keeper was just a trialist.Now we know what to expect from Sundowners league teams when we face them. Final score 3-2 to Forza.

Date : 4th Aug


We were lucky enough to be able to play as the weather for the past few days had not been favourable to any social footballers. Forza storm to the next round with convincing display by thumping Club Renoissanz 8 to nothing. Sapare hat-trick escalate himself to one of the leading hitman in our team.Debutant Din well by scoring at his first goal unfortunately had to be taken out due to injury. Kila added two before I and top scorer Jujut extend his goals to thirteen.

Date : 29th July



Forza struggled to perform to their usual standard as every attacking movement made failed unexpectedly. Technically Forza are much better team but due to illdiscipline, forza just could not kill the game.Both teams are tied at the break 2-2 a piece with Kila opened the scoring before Black Knights levelled and took the lead. Jujut scored his first of his two goals making him the main hitman for Forza. Black Knights took the lead before Dajal and Bob added one each to kill the game.Final score 5-3 to Forza.

Date : 14th July


Another bad refering from the man in black when majority of his decisions were disputed as both teams had one man sent off. Faizal is the first to be sent off after collecting two yellow from his favourite ref ,making him the first from Forza this year. Both teams tied at the break before substitute Acit opened the scoring with a typical goal poacher in the six yard box.Sapare extend to two goal advantage before Dynamics scored the consolation goal. Forza did get a penalty when Acit was fouled in the penalty box.Strangely the ref blew the final whistle before the spot kick is being taken.Final score 2-1 to Forza.

Date: 8th July


Another ten goals in a row Forza had but this time we did not concede any.Acit had his first maiden hat-trick and Jujut escalate his goals tally to ten making him the no. 1 hitmen.Kila made a rare two for himself before I, Taj and loi added one for themselves each. final score 10-0 to Forza

Date : 30th June


Lack of concentration caused the downfall as Forza slipped away after taking 4 goal cushion.10 mins to full time ,Forza was leading 5-1 when the defence just gave away goals to NCFC to level the score.Debutant Dzul and Kai not up to required standard yet where both need to be exposed with more friendly games before any tournament.Forza lost two players to injuries with Jujut to a calf pull and Harun to twisted knee. Final score 5-5

Date : 23rd June


A double by Mohammad and a brace from Sapare are enough to deny Woodbridge from gaining any pointsThe main talking points was the game started quiet late as both teams seems couldnt find the playing venue.Only 30 mins each half were played even though we request to play much longer.Final score 3-2 to Forza

Date : 17th June


We can hardly get enough players for sun as family and 'other work' is more important.Need to revamp the team sooner if the team is to have a weekly game.We were lucky enough to face a 'green' team in Fireball FC where we totally open their eyes where they stand in their upcoming league tournament.Final score 10-1 to Forza

Date : 10th June


Playing against a very fit team whom we beat them last year, Forza did not have much trouble as we dictate the first half with two goals leading at the break. The Army and Navy combine FT struck two goals to level the score before Forza up the tempo to score another two goals with one man down after injuring his leg and no subs is around.The opponent scored the final goal of the game just before the ref blew the final score 4-3 to Forza.

Date : 2nd June



Good weather with much better pitch and a calaminity from keeper Wandi was the main talking point as Forza earned another hard fought draw. Siddiq double escalating him to top scorer for Forza and Wak Dol added one to his name.Final score 3-3

Date : 26th May


Another Jekyl and Hyde performance as Forza throw the lead three times enabling the Vietnamese Stars coming back to level the score. Over confident and complacent from some players cause the vietnamese to come back in the secong half. Poor performance from the defence which need to be reshuffled for the upcoming league game.Final score 3-3.

Date : 20th May


This is what an away game should be. The atmosphere was really intimidating as fans from the opposing side keep taunting us words like 'jersey very nice but play like crap' and leg need to be align' were throughly heard during the game. The taunting grew louder after PWP took the lead in the 10th min.Forza kept pressing for the equaliser with Mohammad and Siddiq both failed to convert easy chances. Forza did finally level thru Siddiq after a good work from the flank. He silenced the crowd further after he blast from the distant taking Forza lead 2-1 at the break.

Forza continue pressing PWP with fine play as Siddiq complete his hat trick just seven min after the restart.Dubious call by the ref was clearly seen as a penalty should be awarded as Sapare clearly hacked inside the penalty box was turn down instead he claimed the offence was on the outside of the box.Mohammad put the icing on the cake as he scored the final goal of the game.4-1 to Forza.

Date : 15th May


A slow start by Forza nearly cause 3 valuable points. Second half substitution did enough damage with 4 goals penetrating St James defence.Sapare opened his account with a delightful movement from the right flank with the first goal of the game. Jujut added one for himself before Acit mede it to 3 nil from another great play.The last goal of the game came from the courtesy of St James defence as he tried to clear from the pressure from Dajal which ended in his own net.Final score 4-0

Date : 22nd April


After long lay off,man of the match Julius produced the kind of form where he terrorised opposing defence with his skillful play.Mystic defence had lots of problems containing him as he scored the hat-trick driving Forza to second spot.The slippery and muddy pitch of Tanglin sec did not help both teams as both struggle to keep on their feet.Final score 3-0 to Forza.

Date : 14th April


Again we have to play the same opponent due to mistake from the organiser.This time, we were without a keeper and Dajal volunteered to play the position.He did well when he did not make any major technical mistake. Faizal opened his scoring account thru penalty with Azmey added two goals after Acit controversially scored the opening goal which the opponent claimed he was offside when he score 4-1 to Forza.

Date : 24th March


One bad apple among a crate will definately cause Forza results.This was what happened when we play against just an average team. Forza was leading 3-0 at the break thru Kila,Taj and Azmey when overconfident and lapse of concentration was the main cause for Forza downfall..All goals Forza conceded were in the second half.Final score 3-3

Date : 18th March


For the second week in a row, Forza managed to fire five earning them three crucial points.Super sub Jujut scored two goals in the second half before Taj's special right from the corner kick got his name on the scoresheet.Manap opened the scoring before I extend to two goals.Bolanova had their consolation goal right before the break. Final score 5-1 to Forza.

Date : 10th March


Mohammad double in the first half did enough damaged to demoralise NR FC. Manap,Shawal and Loi added one each in the second half with Wandi again playing the hero role as he kept Forza clean sheet for the first time this year. Final score 5-0 to Forza.

Date : 24th Feb


A man of the match performance by Wandi who played the keeper role ensure Forza did the double over the mighty Tampines West Rangers.Acit broke the dead lock with his maiden goal after both teams were tied goaless at the break. Jujut and J added one each before a consolation goal was given before the final whistle was blown.

Date : 21st Feb


Thirteen goals were produced in this game as Forza back to their nearly full strength capitalising the inexperience Reservoirboyz to the maximum .Jujut playing the first match for Forza this year had his hat-trick with Mamat specials, both goals coming straight from the corner kick.Achin, Manap added two goals each before Siddiq and Azmey made one for themselves each.Final score 11- 2 to Forza.

Date :17th Feb


Poor performance from the defence was the main cause as Forza faultered at Tanglin ground.Faizal failed to organised the defense as it collapsed with ease.Brothers Bob and I got the consolation goals for Forza .Final score 2-4

Date : 14th Feb


After conceding a freak penalty due to uneven ground of woodlands ring sec field, Forza raised up their playing tempo with Loi equalised when he beat the offside trap to even the score.When both teams tried to find the winner with open attacking game,teams defence were left exposed at times. Wandi ended up to be the hero of the day when he scored from a set piece Forza received.Final score 2-1 to Forza.

Date : 4 Feb


After 6 weeks of lay off due to waterlog pitch, finally we were able to play some football. Thought of game cancell at last minute was always on our mind as rain poured all over singapore again before the game started. We were glad as marina was not affected by the rain which means the game is on. The hunger of playing again did good for the team as we thrashed the opponent 10 to 1 with Siddiq earning his hat-trick.Taj and Wak Dol addede two each with debutant Farid opened his scoring account with one.Loi and last year top scorer Azmey scored one each to add insult to the opponent.

Date : 28th Jan


Also, I would like to take this opportunity to share with all Team Managers and Captains, especially the teams that have been affected by today's cancellation at Marina South Field. On 06/01/07(Sat) at about 1245hrs, I have received a sms from the Field Supervisor of Marina South, informing me that the 3pm field slot was not playable due to past days rain, field was soggy, muddy and water logged as informed by the Field Supervisor. Also around the same time the Field Supervisor informed me via sms again that the 5pm field slot also not playable. Immediately, I was very frustrated and question him how come so fast to decide the field for 5pm cannot be play. Even local S-League, if the rain over night till next day, stopped at noon time, the Groundsman will also wait till couple of hours later to check the field condition before they informed field not fit for match and when the referee arrived, together with the officials and also the referees will access the field condition before finalising the field fit or not fit for a match and this Field Supervisor simply by- pass all this simple common sense of action. I even informed the Field Supervisor that I will not cancel the match and will proceed the game, at the same time I also tried to contact the SSC staff for assistance but no replied from the SSC Staff at all after several attempts. At the same time, the Field Superviosr simply high handling the matter and said will not allow match at all and should teams and referees there insisting to play, they will call for police, which the standard operation procedure by him was wrong. There will be a form by SSC for hirer to sign in case the hirer insisting to play at such situations and will bare the consequence as stated in the form, which the Field Supervisor simply do not know abt it at all. On the same day at about 2pm, i started to contact the 3pm teams not to come for the match and both teams were not happy with me at all for cancelling the match. i tried to explain to them about the situations that I encountered and they understand. On the same day at about 3.15pm, I arrived at marina south field, together with my Senior Referee ( Mr Ruslee ) whom was there earlier and we checked the field. In my perview, Field 1 DEFINITELY playable, Field 2 looks brown certain areas but to me still can make it. Field 3 more brown then green, thus I agreed that field should not play. But in general, this high handling Field Supervisor jus simply say no game due to all the tactful words that this people will usually use. I started to contact all League teams that playing at marina south while i was on way to the field to check, and East West Manager was asking how come etc and i need to explain to him and also invited him to go down the field to check too and also emphasis that the cancellation order was given by the Field Supervisor and not from me. Bolanova Team Manager also called me and even thought that I might not have arranged a game at all at the field and thats why I cancelled the match. I wish to state the Field Supervisor is namely Sharil and his contact is 91657737 and anyone of you can give me a ring and asked him what good deeds that he did to all teams that affected. I do not have any say at all for cancellation of fields cos its all under the perview of Singapore Sports Council. Also the more xperience staff that working at marina south field, Groundsman was not working yesterday and thus left this group of in- experienced staff tat running the show and high handling the matter without any efficieny and intergrity at all. I have also informed the Field Supervisor that I will definitely bring up this matter to Directors level, as well as Ministers level. To all, its not the first time that I am getting such treatement from this grp of Field Warden and Field Supervisors for their incompetency and unprofessional work, many times. Because of their incompetency, I got to take the blame from Bolanova Manager that i did not arrange game at marina south field today, which I think its not justified for me at all for taking blame that I am not suppose to be. IF I arranged duplicate teams at one field, i m most willing to take the responsibility. BUT RIGHT NOW was this grp of efficient jokers that causing me in such a situations, i think its not justified at all. Therefore, in regards to this matter, I WILL be bringing this issue up to CEO Singapore Sports Council, cc to MCYS Minister and PS 21 for their good understanding and demand an explanation from them for this kind of quality and good service from them. Should this matter not able to address to a full satisfaction, I WILL go to PM Office and this matter will definitely and MUST be address by the correct authority. I WILL be cc a copy to all of you via the emails that I am sending for your reference. If any Team Managers and Captains feels that i am the one playing behind, I am most willing to stand out and defend myself with all the evidence that i have gathered from this matter. Hope to hear from anyone of you soon if there is.



Poor finishing was the main talking point as Forza faultered at the hands of the vietnamese.After taking the lead from the spot kick thru Faizal, Forza took off the pedal and conceded soft goals.Azmey the main culprit as he failed to convert goals as he had one on one with the keeper twice.Final score 1-2.

Date : 3rd Dec


Playing with ten men in the first half, Forza were able to take two goal cushion lead against Vic Ron St before the gap was close to one when the ref awarded a dubious penalty just before the break.Forza stunned Vic Ron St through Syed in the first minute of the game before Sapare added Forza's second goal. With eleven players started after the break, Forza was supposed to have an even contest, but things just not going the right way as Vic Ron St bombarded Forza's goal mouth with wave of attacks.Man of the match ,Wandi playing the keeper role defends his post with feriouscity extending Forza winning streak to four.

Date : 18th Nov


After two weeks of 'break' due to haze and festive weekends, Forza return with a convincing win against Emmanuel FT.The returning Azman our main keeper from a long break was one of the reason forza have another cleen sheet.Substitute Joshua opened his goals account with two goals after Forza took the lead at the break thru Loi.Final score 3-0 to Forza

Date : 6th Nov


Its been quite a while for us not to conceed any goals.When it came, the outfield players banging seven goals forcing the Galaxy Rangers to see stars.Again,the striking department had a barren spell as goals all came from the midfield and defence. Azmey and Loi scored two each before Julius,Een and Nizam added one for themselves.Final score 7-0 to Forza.

Date : 14 Oct


For the first time all goals came from the midfield department as our strikers of Manap and Jujut were kept shut. Taj the first player to score with our new jersey. Sapare and Siddiq added one each before Oranje came back with two goals before the break with the help from a howler from Loi who played the keeper role. Final score 3-2 to Forza.

Date : 7 Oct


A second half strike by the red hot Jujut denied Eagleboyz full points. Eagleboyz took the lead at the break through a set piece.Forza came back with extensive pressure on Eagleboyz in the second half with Juujt latched on to a low cross on the right. Plenty of possesion Forza had but failed to convert chances cost dearly.Final score 1-1.

Date : 17 Sept


A discipline performance by Forza stunned the home team in Tampines West Rangers.The first time pairing of Jujut and Sapare upfront did enough damage by scoring all Forza's goals.Both players double their scoring account extending our friendly matches win three.Final score 4-2 to Forza

Date : 10th Sept


A disorganised and inexperince team of Black Nights caused our players to take their foot off the pedal.Players were not concentrating on the field as the match played beside was much more interesting as it happened to be our opponents in the clementeer league.Jujut continued his red hot form with two goals with Shawal,Julius and Boy added one each.Final score 5-2 to Forza.

Date :2nd Sept


A good open game was spoilt by the poor performance of the man in black.Inconsistent call and many poor judgement were made by him frustrating both teams.Bolanova United took the lead after both team were locked at the break. Forza levelled the score through Jujut after debutant Najib was sent off to anearly shower for his second yellow.Final score 1-1.

Date : 27th Aug


A failed conversion by Taj from the spot kick was the main talking point as Forza came back from a goal down to make it two wins in two league games. Jujut who spearhead Forza's most attack had his maiden hat-trick in this league.His goals all came in the second half after Galactico took the lead at the break.Final score 3-1 to Forza.

Date : 20th Aug


Forza opened up the campaign with a bang when ten goals past by the helpless keeper of St. James FC. Sapare lead the charge with 4 goals and Jujut got 2 for himself before Azmey,Wan and Harrun added one each for themselves with one own goal from the opponent. Complacency was the mjor talking points as we let two silly goals.

Date : 12 Aug

Date : 28th May


Its really awkward feeling to have the same opponent in less than 5 days as our final friendly before the upcoming tournament. First game we fall short 3-5 at the Farrer Park Field with Sapare banging all three goals.The second game we won 3-1 courtesy of returning Jujut after a long time of absent, Loi and Shawal whom all scored one each.

Date : 9 Aug


Another discipline peformance from us edging a very organised team in Starbright FC..A moment of magic from Taj separated the two team as his wonder goal happened to be the only goal of the game.Final score 1-0 to Forza.

Date : 30th July


Another goals galore with nine goals produced as.Forza tuning for the new league with playing with a new formation for the last two weeks proved fruitful as we ended up as a winner. Taj scored two for the first time after gave away the equaliser from the opponent.Azmey extended his scoring form with two for himself before Achin who converted from a spot kick and Wan who awol for sometimes to add their name in the scorer list.Final score 6-3 to Forza.

Date : 22nd July


Its been a while for our team not to concede any goals and when it came,our strikers looked sharp with banging ten goals in total.Ameer at 14yrs became our youngest scorer as he managed to put one for himself after coming as a substitute.Final score 10 -0 to Forza.

Date : 15 July


Ten men Forza held Team Zone to a 2-2 draw at Serangoon Sec ending the league participation with a creditable 4th placing.Azmey doublued taking his goal tally to twenty and Yoyo who played as the keeper failed to impress.

Date : 8 July


The return to 'mango field' after five months turned to be a wrong decision as the condition of the pitch was not playable.The ground was mainly eneven thus gave no plesure of playing football.Wandi and Taj scored their maiden goal for this season with Wandi and Sapare both scored two goals each and Taj with one goal.Final score 5-1

Date : 2 July


The match against Always Happy FC turned to a horror incident when one of the players fall down and broke his arm.This happened on the 65th min after both teams were tied at 1 -1 at the break.Match to be postponed to later date.

Date : 24 June


Rampaging Blue Storm who put nine goals the week before was put to a halt as Azmey hattrick fizzled out the natural disaster to a mere windy occasion.His two goals came from a rare header as the main concern was when SK injured his left knee on the 80th min.Final score 3-1 to Forza.

Date : 18 June


It took 60th min for Forza to break through the stubborn defence of Wolves FC as Forza struggled to score in the first half.Not much creativity from Forza as Wolves drew the first blood before Forza equalised thru an own goal.Forza took the lead thru inform Shawal who had three goals in three games before Sapare and Burn added one each.Wolves got their final goal in the final minutes of the game.

Date : 11th June


Forza failed to remain the momentum they had after equaliser from Shawal after Loi were red carded as Forza conceded at the last few minutes.Played with 10 men at most times as players were late was one of the main factor for Forza to play at uncomfortable numbers.

Date : 5th June


A productive day from the frontline as all strikers involved scored. Azmey lead the way with two goals before Shawal and Yan added each completing the revenge on Shanghai United. Final score 4-1 to Forza



Jujut scored the final important goal for Forza to gain valuable 3 pts. Sloppy defending was the main culprit as Forza conceded two soft goals thru set pieces.Sapare added two goals for himself before Jujut tucked in from the penalty spot after Burn was brought down in the six yard box.Final score 4-3 to Forza.

Date : 6 April


The returning absentees of Zul and Azmey did change the strength of Forza as Zul dictated Forza for a win when he created one goal and scored the winner as Forza got back to winning ways. Azmey scored the opening goal to take his tally to 12 making him top scorer of our team. Final score 2-1 to Forza.

Date : 29 April


The makeshift strikers did not click as Forza failed to inflict first defeat of Nitro.Nitro took 2 goal lead during the break and added one more thru a penalty before Forza made a comeback with two goals durinf second half.Final score 2-3 Forza,

Date : 22nd April


Forza collapsed in the second half after taking three nil lead during the break.The changing of the backline was the main caused as G-Link terrorised Forza defence with simple passing.'Should not change a winning team' was the main talking point as this was the second time we collapsed after made changes.

Date : 16 april


The high scoring machine of Mission FC took over as the leader as they thrashed Wolves FC 4-1 .Only one match between them was able to continue as the weather was the major factor for all the match to be postponed to the later date.

Date :11 April


Forza reserves mainly make up the team as this was last minute match arrangd as Saturday league was cancelled due to rain.Debutant Boy put his name on the scoring sheet before Siddiq and Loi addded one each extending the unbeaten record against KG United who we played before during the dream league.

Date : 9 April


The field caretaker at Bukit Timah did not give the green light for everybody to play as it had been raining for a few days.This means our match against Team Zone had to be postponed to another date.

Date : 8 April


Azmey debut in the league proved fruitful as he personelly lead Forza to thumb Always Happy FC with a hat-trick in the first half before he is substituted.Shawal and Dajal added one each condeming AH FC to their biggest defeat so far.

Date : 1 April


Thriller in Bukit Timah was produced by both teams as everything in entertainment value was seen.Forza took the lead thru a wonderful piece of individual skill by Ahmad Nisham before Mission FC levelled and took the lead.A blaster from distant by Bob level the score again before half time.Faizal received his second yellow and Forza was forced to play with ten men in the last ten minutes of the game before Dajal scored the winner.Final score 3-2 to Forza

Date : 25 March


Depleted Forza performed extreamly well to gain her first ponts in the championship.Several of key players could not turn up due to personel reason and Jujut who was sick was convinced to come down for the match did not dissapoint his fans when he contributed 1 goal .The returning Sapare scored 2 goals before Siddiq and debutant Omar wrapped the match.Final score 5 nil to Forza

Date : 18March


The match against Wolves FC was abandoned as thunder and lightning was likely the caused.It took less than half a minute before the ref decided to stop the game.We waited almost half an hour before the final decision as the rain and lightning were most likely not going to stop.

Date: 12 March


Forza shot at their own foot as Forza collapsed at the second half after taking two goals lead during the break.The inexperinced keeper in Loi was largely to be blamed as caused two simple goals by being out of position.

Date :5 March


Two goals by Azmey and a goal by Azman were enough for Forza to sink the experience ORA who consists of ex-national player.The game was badly needed as Forza stumbled at Braddell as Forza needed a final tuned up before the league started.

Date :27 Feb




After two weeks of rest,players fitness and touches seems to gone as Forza struggle to beat Bermuda Trust whom we beat them a month ago.Defensively, we were much better and organise as we gained our first clean sheet for the so called new season.Both Azmey and Wak Dol who scored against them previously scored again each leading Forza to a two nil victory

Date : 20 Nov

9-10 -9

Forza so call final game before we have a two week break ended with a triump over team Nitro at the bendemeer sec.Playing with 9 men most of the time, Forza were able to play a discipline tactical game to record the final win before the tournament begin.

Date : 2 Nov


Conceding a late penalty, camping at the opponent half and hit the post twice. Luck? its football. Forza was held to a 2-2 after taking the lead to 2-0. Inform Jujut scored again and azmey came out injured making our injured players tally to seven.

Date : 23rd Oct


Eight players only turned up for the match against Sinchi. No matter the game shall go on as Forza went down 2-5 to the team mainly consist of Chinamen.'Whenever we wear red colour jersey, we seems to be lack of players turning up for the game. Its about time we retire the jersey' quote Dajal after the match.

Date : 16 Oct


Only twelve players turned up for the match but we ended with nine men as two came out injured . The returning Ahmad Nisham did not help as he reinjured his leg again where Azmey and Bob had their same old injury reoccured again.Even with nine men during the second half, Forza were able to dominate the game.Goals by Azmey, Sapari, Wak dol and Jujut extend forza winning streak to three.

Date : 13 Oct


Ten men forza kept a cleen sheet and were able to withstand Forex attacks and the weather especially to win the so called last match of the season before the fasting month starts.Goals by Mamat and Jujut each were enough for Forza to have their two consecutive wins.

Date : 3 Oct


The returning of Firdaus, Zul and Eson was the highlight of the day as Forza strolled past over the helpless Pink Waga FT at yishun. Firdaus did not loose his finishing touch after a long break as he contributed one goal.With Dayak the trialist keeper performed quite well, it seems that there will be a backup custodion for the upcoming league.

Date : 26 Sept


Forza were brought down by the experience Old boys FC at bishan yesterday. Three soft goals were conceded with Forza replied through the inform Azmey. Forza dominated the match but poor finishing cause Forza defeat. 'This is one of the best game we played even though we lose' quote Hasnizam after the game.

Date :19 Sept


Azmey maiden hat-trick on the second half mark the final tuned up before starting the long upcoming campaign.Blues FT could not answered as Forza stormed with 6 goals.Sapari added 2 for himself before Dajal scored the killer blow.

Date : 12 Sept


In the scorching heat of Marina, the armies fall apart by the high flying Forza .The more discipline Forza tore the army defence with nine goals.Bobby nearly made history for himself when his goal was ruled offside.Final score 9-0.


For a second week in a row, Jujut earned his hat-trick.Azmi added two with Zul scored one ecscaliting team Forza to the summit with bigger goal difference.

Date : 13 June


The first half experimental backline did not work well as we conceded the first goal which were totally give away to the opponents.But it sparks the comeback for team Forza to whipped the Indipediente Juniors by 7 -2 with Jujut leadind the attack with three goals of his own.Julius added two with Dajal and Azmi one each.

Date : 6 June


he anticipate match against AC Elasario was postponed due to field condition.The caretaker for the field did not give the green light for any teams to play as it may affect the field after heavy rain in the afternoon.

30th May



The anticipate match against AC Elasario was postponed due to field condition.The caretaker for the field did not give the green light for any teams to play as it may affect the field after heavy rain in the afternoon.

30th May


A much needed game for the players to play a decent football after the unwanted event that happened the week before. The morale of the players came back with Bobby surprisingly turn up for this match after 'maternity leave'.

Date : 22 May


The event which happened in the 35th min of the game were the main talking point of the day thus resulted players unable to concentrate to play football as the safety for the efected players were the main concern.Julius scored the winner maintaining Forza at the top of table.

Date : 16 May


The Wizards spell did not have any effects on Forza as Forza run riot with nine goals.Dajal turned up the heat with man of the match performance when he created few goals.Hashim earned himself his first hat-trick with Alimran and Julius added two each. Wandi and Dajal scored each to escalate team Forza back to the top.

Date : 10 May


Another impressive display by team Forza where we put nine goals and did not concede any.Doubles earned by Een, Julius and the in-form Jerry who created havoc to MSG defence.Hasnizam,Taj and Yaslee added one each to their name in this game too. Wandi impressively played the keeper position with ease when again our keeper did not turn up.

Date : 10 April


Forza put eleven past Schwarz Star FC to welcome them to the world of social football. Julius scored four to take his personelly tally to become our top scorer.Hassan making a statement that he is not out yet with a good performance by scoring one goal.

Date : 4 April


Team Forza fight back from a goal down in the first half before sealing another victory against Balestier Hill Old Boys.Zul lead the comeback with a goal before Jerry added another one.Een did not dissapoint his fans when he scored two goals.He should have earned his maiden hat-trick if he was not shy in front of the goal.'Two goals was enough for the day as i know those who score three has to spend the whole team.'quote Een after the match.

Date : 27 Feb


Players from the west side proof that they are capable of carrying Forza flag in this league.The goals from them extend Forza lead to three points.Another clean sheet was obtained from this match.

Date : 13 March


Only ten players turned up for this friendly match and not even a keeper were present.Dajal were forced to take up the crucial position.Surprisingly the reserve did a very great job in containing the organised team in Damai FC.The reserve even took the lead in the first half before Damai FC came back to even the score.Hassan and Wandi scored their debut goal in this game.Final score 3-3.

Date : 12 March


Forza scraped through to the next round of supremacy Cup.Without first choice strikers, Forza were forced to field a makeshift upfront deparment.Hashim and Dajal opened their scoring account in the championship.Final score 2-0.

Date : 7 March


Forza reserve played to their strength when they beat Sinchi Utd at the Marina Pitch yesterday.Goals scored by Een ,Alimran, Dajal and Taj each guided Forza to winning ways.Final score 4 - 2 to team Forza.

Date : 6 March



Poor finishing from the attackers cause Forza to fail to get another three points.Whirlwind got their goals through their counter attacks before Forza equalise through substitutes of Julius and Jerry. Final score 2-2.

Date : 27 Feb


Forza gained another three points in the hot conditions of mango field.Games were played in a unusual friendly manner after so much hype in the forum section in dream league.Goals scored by Firdaus, Julius and Zulkiflee ended Marinos dream to topple the current leader.

Date : 20 Feb


Team Forza had a good workout before their next league match against Marinos in their own homeground.Playing against M.C. Trans was a good experience since both teams were not playing rough as this was only a friendly match.The match ended in 2-2 draw.Goals by Nizam and Julius each who both intend to start against the Marinos.

Date: 14 Feb


The proud and cocky team of Kabio Olympiakos got a very good lesson by Forza who whipped them 6 to nothing in their own homeground.The MIA referee did not demoralised team Forza to show this team what we are capable of.More goals were to come if not for their manager to stop the match ten minutes early.

Date : 6 Feb


The reserve lost again.This time to Baba's reserve 3-6.Jefrey the goalkeeper showing his true colour that he does not good enough even for the reserve.Five newcomers played for the team.The best part was we have two new players in Hashim and Farhan who is capable to challenge for the first team place.

Date : 5 Feb


Unlucky Jackson Vehicle FC were whipped by the rampaging Forza by eleven to one.Firdaus turned up the heat with four goals with only first half performance.Julius earned his hat-trick in this match with Jerry added two for himself and Ahmad Nisham and Alimran added one each for themselves.

Date : 30 Jan


Forza reserve went down 2-5 to the unfancied Sarawak Chelsea at Yishun Blk 443. Fringe players did not show their true potential to challenge the first team players. Look like they are going to watch from the bench in the future.

Date : 23rd Jan


Forza started the dream league campaign with a comfortable win over Empire FC.Goals scored by Alimran and the newlywed Rashid each took us to our first point.

Date : 16 Jan


Understrength Forza were beaten for the first time in the yeat 2005 by a very organised Indonesian club.This was the best team we face so far who engaged different tactics of their own which we we caught by surprised.Give lots of credits to this team who played the typical short passes of majority Indonesia team.The kind of football that they played were simply outstanding with stretching our defence to the limits.

Date : 10 Jan


Team Forza wasted their chance to seal their first win in a year 2005 when they lost two goals advantage to earn them a draw. Two newcomers made an impressive debut for themselves.Jerry playing upfront concreting his place for the upcoming tournament.

Date : 2 Jan




Another inconsistent performance shown by team Forza when we were not alert enough especialy in the first half. Julius acting as Dr Jekyll to score two great individual goals to lift from the dead for team Forza.

Date : 26 Dec


A good workout for most of the new players who came for the first time.Many of the trialist did just enough to show their potential. But unfortunately, the opponents were inexperience. It will take another few games for the management to access their true potential

Date : 20 Dec


The match between BLAS Org. was cancell due to unplayeble pitch . Most players were up for the match since our first lost the week before.The referee decision not to play was a wise one since it was going to be a waterpolo match instead of football

Date : 29 Nov


Team Forza went down for the first time in their short history.Goals scored by Een and Dajal did not help to come back from three goaks down.Maybe its the 'Lontong and Ketupat' factor that was affecting most of the players.

Date : 21st Nov


Julius answer his critics with banging all goals to steer back Forza to winning ways. Debutant Jerry did enough to convince coach Vincent that he will be always ready for future matches.

Date : 7 Nov


Poor performance by team forza when we could not pull some decent attacking plays of our own. Luckily enough, the opponents were not to their usual standard too.

Date : 6 Nov



Singapore 6 Thailand 4 . Its not the tiger cup or the sea games result but its the score that we had. So far this is the best opponent we got and we were stretch to our full gear to contain the mighty Thais. Finally ,Rahim who replaced Julius upfront SCORED.

Date : 24th Oct


A wonderful team display by Forza who whipped Team Sexy by eight goals.Siddiq claimed another hat-trick for two weeks in a row.Azmi, Dajal ,Alimran and Julius contributed each goal plus another own goal by the opponent.

Date : 23rd Oct


Twelve goals were made at the Yishun Ring Rd field. Siddiq made his maiden hat-trick and Een claiming his form had returned after the Ang Mo Kio game by scoring one goal and most importantly we have a new midfielder in Julius who markd his debut with a bang.

Date : 18 Oct


Goal scored by Zul is definately one of contender to be goal of the season. He volleyed with his weaker foot from a distant to architect the downfall of Newton Heath FC. ' Its my new hair-do that gave me confidence to strike the ball gracefully.' joked Zul.

Date : 4 Oct


Izhar marked his return with a goal after MIA for few games. Vincent opened his scoring account for the tournament and the impressive Siddiq scored two goals to concrete his starting eleven place. Most importantly, we are now top of the group A standing without loosing any games

Date 26 Sept


Since we are through to the quater-finals in the MDLFA cup, it is best if we try new talents at different position. It is understood that Firdaus is capable of playing goalkeeper position. We cannot rely heavily on Mazlan since he has to work on certain Sunday. This coming saturday will be his chance to impress the manager when we take on KG United.

Date 21 Sept



Its been a while when our team did not concede any goals. Credit to the defence department when they hold SEFC to a goaless day. Mohd Nizam aka Dajal demanding first eleven place in the future with banging one goal from the substitute bench.

Date : 19th Sept


Great day for most of the debutants who intend to stake their claim in the starting eleven in the future with Mohd Siddiq responding with two goals.Firdaus and Mohd Nizam did opened their scoring account too with their first match. The inform Im scored his third goals from three games and Azman the last man managed to score with his weaker leg to demoralised Central Park FC

Date 12th Sept


The match schedule to take place at ITE Bukit Batok was cancelled due to irresponsible behavior from the opponent side. They simply did not book the field and yet informed us that the match between us was still going on.When we reached the place, there was other two teams waiting to play at the same venue and time. Alternatively, we suggest we play at nearby open field with goalpost, yet they refused to play. Majority of our players were clearly upset by their nonsense behaviour. Most of our players came from all over the island just to play football at the venue but failed . In future, if this team wants to play with us again, its best for the team if we just ignore them

Date: 5 Sept


Team Forza is looking for more players to join the team. We are currently negotiating with potential sponser to sponser us for next year social league that we are going to participate. If we manage to get the sponser, benefits will be shared among the players.

Date : 3rd Sept


Only eleven players turn up for this friendly games. With so many players had work commitment,debutant Bobby took his chances quite well .Goals scored by the midfield department again with the strikers look like to sharpen their finishing touch.

Date : 30 Aug


Another three points is gained. Poor finishing by upfront department again didnt help the cause. With only thirteen players turn up for the match, we simply do not have any options upfront. Great individual goal from debutant Misram though to satisfy the players.

Date : 23 Aug


Lucky break for Utara Kiishi since our strike force didnt bring their scoring boots along. With 20 or more chances were created, only 2 goals were on target. It doesnt matter though, as long we get 3 points, it should be a quite satisfactory work. Surprisingly the winner was scores by Salleh who played badly throuhgout the game. Most of the time ,he was out of his position .With his winner, he is quite happy with his performance. Next match -Superior Elites.

Date: 16 Aug



By looking at his size, u'll definately know that this guy is not on diet. With spare tyre can be seen around his waist, u definately assume that his national service are over. Fortunately the government still feed him. As a good footballer, his basic is still there. The comanding and safe figure at the back gives defenders more confidence. Utilities player like Azman, Sufi can now be deployed at more attacking position and Ala now knows that there is competition at his place.

Date : 22nd Jun



1) Harun 2) Siddiq 3) Azman 4) Kila 5) Faizal 6) Sapare 7) Eddie 8) Naz 9) Sufi 10) Azmey 11) Taj 12) Shawal 13) Mat Blue 14) Acit 15) Cina 16) Najib


1) Loi 2) Wandi

Yet to answer

, Jason , Jujut,

Not going

SK , Ala

Date : 25th Jan


Our main playmaker will be out for few months after removing his appendix. No more league games for him if the date for him to return is confirm. Centre mid players have to up thier game to cement their starting places.

Date : 17th Nov

JOB WELL DONE (Reserve game)

Even before the ball is kick, we were warned by the organiser that the ref will be biase to the home team. When we saw the ref was Jaswan, this should be no problem as he did quite well when officiating games for us in the past. Instead the warning did come true, as most call were favour on the home team. SK coming back from injury has a long way to get back to his oldself. His injury is affecting his normal game. After conceding the first goal courtesy of Azman mistake, Kila equalised immediately. Thru defensive mistake , another goal was conceded making it 1-2 at the break.

Players frustration took control of the game as many yellow cards were flash. Sapare got his marching order after taunting the ref. Playing 10 men, more attacking plays were created and finally got the equliser goal thru Eddie.

Date : 16th Nov



Will arrange for sun weekly friendly match for players who are not intune to our playing system. these players will not be involve in the league once they are not up to the standard required. Players coming back from injury will be expose here to get back their momentum and new players will be invited to join and fight for placing. Faizal and someone we knew will lead the team. Any further planning will be updated here ........

6th Nov


Its time for the white colour jersey to go. I thought of giving it any upcoming teams or maybe give to any oversea teams like we always do. In a meantime please source for any good affordable jersey. Its best if we have another colour for hot season but if you guys still insisst of white again. So be it.

Date : 26th Sept


As requested by the owner, the story at the picture above could not be uploaded here.

Date : 20th Sept


Only on sunday, Forza is capable of getting a near full strength. looking at the pic above, less likely we going to get the same strength on the usual sat.

Date : 14th Sept


1) KEPALA BUTO LA ........
2) How ? wanna give or not?
3) No reserve !!!!???
1) Run. ..... next week all in one k ?
2) Today.......striker eh?
3) Later drink where?

Date : 2nd July



The so call invitational players who had wore Forza colours before and could not commit themselves for our weekly games due to works commitment should be applauded for their willing to turn up occasionally. Either a bouquet of flowers or tonne of curses should be given to them for their time but one thing for sure... a big thank U for not forgeting our friendship.

Date : 26 th May


Date 29th April


2007 golden boot winner with 29 goals in all competition.

Date : 27th Jan


Once you got a new pair of boots, you dont care whether your injured or not fully fit. This is what happened to our friend Kila knowing his physical condition is not appropriate to play.He came and change to team attire expecting to play but the fully wet and heavy condition of the pitch forced him out of the game.

Date : 16th Dec


The dynamic defensive duo of SK and Harrun got their first taste of goal and red card respectively.SK got his first from the spot kick and Harrun got his marching order when he was not even playing." He should put on the opponents colour instead of black. Many dubious decisions were called and he only played 28 min in the second half preventing his team from major defeat. Yet we have to pay full fees for it..We noticed he called majority of the players by name when he officiated the game.What a ripped off" quote Harrun after the game.

Date 2nd Sept


These are the players that we will be sending to represent us on 5th of Aug. the tournament will be held on the multi purpose field at Bishan Park 1 which is opposite blk 233 Ang Mo Kio ave. 1

Date : 29th July


Another major blow to Forza thinimg backline as Forza anchorman Faizal met with an accident at his workplace. Stiches is needed to close his wound and he will be likely to be out of action for 2-3 weeks depending on how fast his recovery.

Date : 3rd March


Date : 15th Feb


Top scorer with 26 goals in 25 games in year 2006
the most dirtiest player with 8 yellow card under his name yet he is not a defender!!!!!



Watching opponents girlfriends and wives is another great past time for these guys as these three were caught doing.'Good job guys,next time u see beautiful inform us'.

Date : 3rd Sep



design by

Date : 1st Aug


Another major blow falls on Forza as SK one of our defence reinjured his left knee during the match against Blue Storm.With Bob still out injured due to his ankle, our defence looks 'thin'.

Date : 18 Jun



Dajal will be get 3 match ban after another ugly incident among ourselves.This ia the secong time he involved in this incident which happened not long ago.With 3 match suspension, hope his discipline will be much better

Date : 5 March


Harrun were hospitalisd for his lump on his neck that he had for the last few days. He did gave his so called lucky ward number to the betters in the team. If luck is on their side, it looks like we will be having some few games.

Date : 24 Oct



Forza is in need of left sided players for the upcoming league.Its not that we dont have the players to play ...its because we need some competition for players to play at the position. If you are up for the email us.

Date : 26 Sept


The McNair league which supposed to start at the end of sept was postponed to mid november due to some teams who cannot play during the fasting month.Any changes will be updated here.

Date : 20 Sept


The date is 1st of Oct.There will be a match over there.It will be a leisure match against the local. Players who is interested in joining the trip, do inform Harrun.

Date : 14 Sept


I believe everyone in our team already know what Jepun did.He left a big mess for us to clean up.As i can see, we cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour.What we can do is to SACK this person even though he is our ........u know what. We will discuss again this weekend how to overcome this problem.

Date : 8 April


Players from teams from the dream league that we are partipating are starting to take a look on us.That's because someone is misusing our name to make us the 'bad team' in the 'Your Say' column in the dream league website.Frankly speaking does not matter as our only opponents is ourselves.As you know, once you are not performing to the team expectations, you will be drop.Many players are waiting to snap your place if you do not perform. If other teams intend to bring us down.......GOOD LUCK.MAY THE BETTER TEAM WIN.

Date : 19 Feb


Rahim won the manager of the month award for January in the dream league that we are participating.With this award, hope he still maintain the disciplinarian as he is and dont forget to TREAT the boys this wednesday after the training.Dont forget....without this players, you are nobody.

Date : 31 Jan


Nizam celebrated his birthday on the day we went to Tanjung Pinang.The party organised by Joni (our guide there) were 'happening'.Details for the party is not reportable here.

Date : 12 Jan


The future for team forza looks good with majority of players sons and newphews do play football.With their fathers and uncles playing at the field, these kids testing each other skill at one side.Who knows maybe these kids will continue the next generation of Forza.

Date : 2 Jan




The numbers of younger players turning up for friendly matches are increasing. It is planned that we might have a second team.This team will involve in another social league if nothing goes wrong.

Date : 26 Dec


Rashid will end his solo career when he will tie his knot with his beloved one.The wedding will take place on the 9th of January.All players are invited to his wedding. Those who do not know the location can call Rahim for details.Hopefully after his wedding, he can still run.

Date :22 Dec


It is regretted to know that Sapian cannot commit to our team in the future regularly as his works does not allow him to do so. If he has the time, he might pop up to give us some moral support to the team.Another player who is affected is Siva.He has to concentrate on his studies in the future but he may still play in the tournament.

Date : 20 Dec


If there is player of the month award, there is no doubt that it will go to Mazlan. Even he was sick, he came down to support the team.This happened during our tight fixture last week. Though we have enough players for the matches, he simply turn up giving advice to the younger players.

Date : 25 Oct


Our good friend Siva was hospitalised in Changi hospital due to cholera -infected .'It was a long two days in a boring place' he winded. Hope his fitness will return as soon as possible.

Date : 16 Oct



All players are invited to a birthday party organised by the Imran's girlfriend at Bedok South today. For more information, please call Rahim. By the way, team Forza like to wish the birthday girl HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Date : 28 Sept


We will be missing Bobby for this upcoming match this weekend. This is due to his family outing to KL. Other strikers are advised to take this opportunity to concrete their display to claim the starting eleven.

Date :14 Sept


Is Nizam coming to join us? Base on the feedback from the man himself, he is getting bored by outsiders plan which is to train at Bishan everyweek. He intend to have a weekly game which Forza can provide him.Only time will tell if he really wants to commit to the team.

Date : 23 Aug

11 am game?!!!!

Base on the new format for the MDLFA cup, we are fixtured to be playing with Superior Elites this week. This team plays most of the time at 11am who already made a booking for the field. But we already booked a field on 22 Aug for our home match base on the old fixture. Its a bit of screw-up here . I had informed the organiser about this and in future, i will try to convince the organiser when we are playing this team, let us be the home team where we can arrange match at the 'PROPER TIME.'

Date : 16 July


Our utility defender, Rahman, is not available for two consecutive weeks as he has work commitment. This means he will be out of action for the opening match against Utara Kiishi FC.

Date :13 Aug






















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