Lighting Emission Technology
Lighting Emission    Technology(LET)
Let Team L.E.T. Help Serve You!
Lighting Emission Technology is a company selling products such  as light rods and keychains.  Many students need last minute  glowstick for school dances that die off in less than 2 hours.   Our product comes with supply of battery and some with an extra  set.    Our product comes in all sorts of color.  There is red, orange,  yellow, blue, green, purple and our special red-white and blue.   Prices vary.  Our keychains are either in bullet or regular form. Bullets come in blue or purple and the keychains come in white, purple, blue, and green.  If you enjoy the light rods, you can buy the special offer of a set of 4 light rods, with attachment for rollerblades.  (Attachments can be  brought separately)
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