Team Nekkid

All About Us:

We're a group of friends that enjoy competing. We are all members of the Players Choice league on Case's Ladder, and we get together for team tournaments against the other teams in the league.

Team tourneys are run the same way as any other tourney in the league. You register, go to the tourney room, play your designated opponents, same as always. The only difference is, that while the tourney is in progress, scorekeepers from each team will be keeping track of all the players' correct and incorrect answers. So, you are competing on two levels: one, as an individual, being "on" with your specific opponent as usual, and two, as a team member, being "on" for the entire tourney. You will not notice any major difference in the tourney format, so don't let the team play intimidate you.

Time commitment: Team tourneys are generally one or two per week. However, being on the team does not mean that you are required to play every game. The team players will be selected on a rotation basis allowing everyone to play when it is convenient for them.

We do have room for a few more players. If you are a member of the Players Choice league, and would like to join or just get more info, contact Kiverley on Yahoo, AIM,