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Welcome to Precision's Home Page. We are a paint ball team in the western New York area that has been around for about a year. The name is new, but some of the people have been with the team from the beginning. Our former name was Black Lance.
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We have been playing tournaments in the area and have been successful in doing so. We play both indoor and outdoor, but with the winter athand, we have been playing alot at our sponsors field, It's Paintball. However we shall be building our outdoor field in Medina really soon to prepare for the spring season.

There will have two fields, a 5-man field, modeled after GRC's Indoor, and a 3-man Hyper Ball field The five man will consist mainly of drums, tires and other short bunkers, while the 3-man hyper ball is going to be built with taller bunkers. I really don't know what at this point, but be sure, its gonna be cool.

I Invite all local teams to scrimage us on this field when it is complete. When i make up the rest of the information i will pass it on with this home page.

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