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Welcome to the homepage of RallyStar, a locally based team that actively participates in Initial D Arcade Stage and Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune. The main purpose of the team is to provide a community while having fun playing the games we love. The site is currently under construction, so please bear with us for the time being. Be sure to check in often for updates. Thanks!

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News Updates

9/8/07 (Yuanrang): I have played it, and it is good...
I also posted the news up on the forum. We had a good turnout today for the breaking-in, with J-FNF, Viper, PTRN!, and DUX!! coming out. Look for updated pages soon!

9/7/07 (Yuanrang): Hell Has Frozen...
That's right team, hell has officially frozen. There's only one thing that could possibly mean for us. This has been officially confirmed by J-FNF as of this afternoon. Boardwalk Fun now has Maximum Tune 3!!! The cheap-asses at the arcade finally spent money on a game that will bring in dollars for them, instead of wasting it on over-priced Guitar Hero cabs. As of this typing, I am without high-speed internet access, but I'm 99% positive that this has already been announced on our thread at Back to the highway, guys!

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