Message From the 'Webmaster':
"Originally, this website never had an "index" page. After the site was built and perfected, there was still the notice saying that we hadn't started working on our site yet. (Because Team Rocket is stealthy like that.)

Instead, we had two semi-secret "front" pages: TR and HR.

TR, which stood for "Team Rocket" was the official front page, and HR (Hidden Room, or Hidden Rocket) was a secret section of the site with extra information and pictures about the Team. There was also a chat room and an RP-type story. (The link to this was only given to a select few; but any internet-savvy person could have probably gotten their paws on it.)

Anyway, now that the site has been shut down it's kind of sad to finally be editing this page, right?

click here to go to the real "Front Page" and read our farewell. (HR no longer exists, so if you were only learning of it now, we're sorry.)