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Monday. June 9, 2003
Write on!

Hello. My name is Andy, and I run, TeamSuperdrag, and (I also helped out on the Tour page on a little over a year ago.) Anyway... In honor of Superdrag's 10th Anniversary, I am compiling a fan-letter scrapbook to present to the band. And I need your assistance, if I may ask for it.

Please send in a letter to be placed in a historical scrapbook that will be presented to the guys. You can write whatever you like. Perhaps you want to let the band know how you feel about them. Perhaps you want to just share your first experience seeing them live. Perhaps you want to wish a fond farewell to Sam. Perhaps you just want to say "hi". Write what you want to. You can even be creative and draw something, or attach pictures, whatever you wish to do -- go for it!

1. Letter should be a single 8.5" x 11" page
2. Letter can be written on both front and back
3. If you attach photos, please be sure they fit on your page.
4. Letters can be sent in by either US Postal mail or via email

For simplicity's sake, we can only accept at most a single front-and-back page which will be placed in a binder/scrapbook. The full, compiled scrapbook will be xeroxed for each member of Superdrag, so each can have a personal copy… as well as the joint compiled copy. In order to cover the cost of purchasing nice binders/scrapbooks and for xeroxing costs, donations are greatly appreciated but not required. The more funds that are raised, the nicer the compiled scrapbook can be. Any excess of funds will be either re-directed to the official Superdrag Message Board Community Chest or re-directed into other Superdrag-projects.

For those who send in a letter and include a small donation of at least $2 U.S., TeamSuperdrag will send a nice thank-you gift to show our appreciation. The gift is a professionally-made, limited-edition Superdrag button featuring the following artistic rendering of the band (designed by comic book artist Bruce Bogle).
:: click to see more buttons ::
If you turn the button on its side, you can read the words inscribed on the edge:
SUPERDRAG - Waging war with Rock N Roll - 2003

For those who wish to donate to the project, you can send your donation in the form of a money order, a personal check, or very well-concealed cash.

Deadline for letters will be July 15.

Send your letter/donation through US Postal Mail to:
Andy Alisago
P.O. Box 22692
Chattanooga, TN 37422


You can also email your letter to me, and I can print it and place it in the scrapbook. To do so, simply email it to: and please put the words "My Email Fan-letter" as the Subject Heading.

If you have any questions regarding the scrapbook, feel free to email me (Andy) at

May 8, 2003
Calling all Rock Soldiers!!

A project is currently under way for Superdrag fans to express their love directly to the band! As you may have read on, the band is taking a break from touring for a little while. Yet it's still the band's 10th anniversary!

While the band takes some much deserved time off, we fans planning on compiling a fan-made scrapbook to give to the band. Although nothing is set in stone yet, a few details that have been hashed out so far are as follows:

1. Fans can send in one page (both front and back) to a P O Box (which will be provided later).
2. That page can contain whatever you want (pictures glued on, your sentiments on the band, a review of your first experience seeing them, etc -- get creative!).
3. The page you send in will be placed inside of a nice scrapbook.
4. The completed scrapbook will be given to the band, and will be xeroxed/duplicated so that each member can have a personal copy.

For more info/idea sharing, you can check out the post on the official message board -- as found here.


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