NW_SVT vs NWF Body Kart challenge
TC Motorsports is proud to host the 1st annual NW_SVT vs. NWF-Body club kart endurance challenge!

Teams will compete for top honors in this multi-driver 1 hour endurance kart race. Up to ten teams may enter.  Each team must have at least 2 drivers.  Teams may run for either the NW_SVT club of the NWF Body club.
Race Format and quick rules. This event will be a one hour timed endurance race.  The team with the most laps completed at the end of one hour will win the event.  Teams will be allowed to make drivers changes anytime during the race.  Teams will be required to make at least one driver change during the race.  Trophies will be awarded for the top three finishing teams.
UPDATED!   General Competition Rules
Roster updated Nov. 14th,  9:00 am
NW_SVT drivers

Confirmed teams

Overbudget Racing II
Clarke Jewel/  Drew Mhyre

carpe carnem racing
Nate Lynch/ Patrich Lynch

Teachers Kick Butt!
David Whitworth/ Carol Whitworth

Team Trash Talkin'
Michael Defoe/ James Kim

Kart Karnage
Craig Standley/ Larry LaVerne
NW F-body drivers

Confirmed teams
Team Late Apex
Steve Sampson / Pat Newton

Need Team Name
Joe Waldron/ Sean Waldron

Bill Little/ Will Baker

Road Hogs
Arron Spitzer/ Steven Buaman

Need Team Name
Ryan Karasek/ Greg Shampine


Event date and time
Race date and location is set for November 11th, 2000 at SyKart Indoor Karting Center, in Tukwilla, WA.  The green flag drops at 12pm.  Please be there no later then 11:30 to sign in and attend the drivers meeting

Entry Fees

Entry fee will be $89 per team (based on a full 10 team grid).  The more entries we have for this event, the less expensive it will be for all of us.
Max Grid number is 10 Teams.  That makes 20 drivers.   If we do not have enough drivers for the one hour race, THE EVENT WILL BE CANCELLED!

Additional information
Email Carlo Sparacio for more information or if you would like to join a team or start your own.  Also, please feel free to email me with your Team Names and any taunts you would like to offer to the website.

Important!  We need your entry fees to make this event happen.  If you sign up for this event, please insure you can attend.  Any no-show racers will make the cost go up for all the other racers.  If you must cancel, give as much notice as possible, so we can fill those spots with other drivers.  Thanks!
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