Got Boost? We Do!
Current Car:
1998 2nd gen white Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 2.0L in-line 4cyl.  rated 150 in factory trim, but this lil' baby isnt excatly OEM
Dream Cars:
Bayside blue Nissan S14 Silvia, white FC Mazda RX-7 hardtop, white Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 3, black and gold 78 trans am, and to keep with the DSM a '98 white 3000GT VR-4
As stated above, i drive a white, '98 mitsubishi eclipse. I love it. Right now I've modded her slightly with a cold air intake and some new vacum lines. Just installed a set of bosch platnium +4 spark plugs and 8mm wires. *update* After looking into reliability and various other factors, I've decided to take my eclipse a different path. Hopefully, over summer a manual transmission swap will be in order. A slightly beefed up clutch and a short shifter will follow shortly thereafter. Also, I've decided to keep my baby N/A. A set of stage 2 street/strip high duration cams will be slid into a mildly ported and polished head. All fuel mixtures will be controlled by a Apex'i S-AFC controller. A DC sports header will help flow spent exhaust fumes into a 2.5 inch stainless steel cat back system. A Powerslott enlarged rotor kit will handle the stoping duties, a few other choice upgrades will also be done, but I want to keep it clean, my goal with this car is to make it so that if you've never ridden in a eclipse, you'd think that this is how they all feel.
Even though I dont plan on turboing my baby anymore, if anyone with a eclipse out there wants to know how, heres a basic parts list. Any questions can be emailed to me at
- turbo, IHI 14g or perferably, a EvoIII 16g TD05
-gst/gsx ecu
-gst/gsx side mount intercooler
-oil lines
-gst/gsx exhaust manifold
-boost controller
-boost gauage, and cup
-a shit load of connectors and clamps.
A nice side profile of my car. I got bored and made this just using a simple paint program. I have a few other versions of this, but all are off this same photo so I decided to only use one. I plan on lowering her stance with a set of ebiach pro line springs and adjustable KYB gas struts.
wash meee!!!!
Home of the whopper! Not really, its actualy fairly slow. But with my planed list of upgrades, it'll have some real balls. With my few, but choice modificantions, I think 215Hp sounds fairly reasonable. I plan on upgrading from my cheap "E-bay intake" to a AEM V2 intake. a port matched intake manifold also will help get things movin'
Intresting story...
So, me and Jeff went back the other day to make it a "true" cold air...
Turns out, it would'nt have fitted anyways. Even after we cut a large chunk out of my fender the filter runs right into my brake disc. So... A short ram it stays.

Some advice for any aspiring tuners out there, yeah 200 bucks might seem like alot, but it is soooo worth it.
A few pictures of my front end and engine bay. A carbon fiber battry tie down is in the works, *freebie*, yes I have the mad hook ups. The cold air was susposed to continue down lower, but it was cold and had taken us forever, so have frozen to death, and lacking the proper tools to cut out part of my fender, we hacked the longer pipe in half, still away form the hot exhaust manifold, and in cold airflow, but not a true cold air.
My tyre, rim and rear brake. If I had bothered to clean it, it woulda looked a bit nicer, but im lazy. yes, I realize thats a small brake rotor, but keep in mind thats my rear. Most cars have rear drums, which are shatty in comparison. I plan on soon upgrading my brakes with a powerslott enlarged rotor kit. the downside is, I hafta get larger rims, because the stock rims are too small to fit over my soon to be enormus rotors. oh well.