Are you a believer?

Have the stories and pictures on this page made you a believer? Do you drive a yellow Honda? If you answered yes to these two questions without your computer blowing up, you may be a candidate for Team Why-49. The team is a group of Y-49ers such as yourself who are confident that every trial and tribulation they encounter day to day is due to the color of their car. To join, send your name, location, model and trim of vehicle, and at least ONE (1) strange occurrence you have encountered with your car. Feel free to include more than one, as problems with yellow cars tend to come in 9's.

As the member count increases (and consequently members start to die off) I may begin offering standard car club perks, such as ugly stickers and such. Perhaps someday we'll all collect somewhere to meet and talk shop. Who knows. I'll let members know when this will occur.

Think you have what it takes? E-mail us