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                              We are the Spongers...

We are the people that wake up at 4:30 in the morning to look for waves before school or work.
We are the people that will drive for hours to look for that mysto wave everyone talks about. We are the people that use the showers at the beach for our daily hygiene cleansing. We like to camp out in the dirt. We are the people that use bikes as transpo to the North Shore every winter.
We are the people that are pulling in deeper that most surfers. We are the people that are pushing the limits of waveriding performance, only to have surfers copy our moves and call it something else. We are the people that, at age 15, get rides to the beach from friends that have rich parents. We are the people that are able to get into a wave from way outside. We are the people that can walk on a reef without booties. We are the people that jockey for waves when it's two feet.
     We are the people that can find a way to sneak a free meal at the local buffet. And if we have to pay, we make sure to get our money's worth. We like to crash hotel parties. We like to play video games.
We like music. We are the people that go to parties and hang out near the food and drink tables. We like to bum money from our friends for a Chalupa. We hook up bums in the street with our packed doggy bags from the Spaghetti Factory. We talk to the hottest girl or guy in the joint. We are poor. We are rich. We are kooks. We are cool. We are everything you hate. We are everything that makes you want to hang. We like to mess with eachothers deformaties. We talk sh!t. And we take sh!t. But the one thing that we are known for is that we are the people that have fun at any cost. Plain and simple, ef-u-en.
                         Oh, and why are we here? 'Cause we feel like it.-Manny Vargas

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the above applies to everyone except ADD Crew cause the crew is great