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Endorsement considerations:


In school board races, it's often a battle of platitudes. "Nothing's too good for the kids;" "They're our best investment," "I'll be a good steward of taxpayer resources;" "Blah, Bhal, Blah!" Yes we know. You care! But if trite mission statements are all you bring to the table, then you don't get our vote!


TEAofMN sees the challenges for school board candidates as

  • First and foremost: excellence as compared to other (vis a vis: competing) area schools. Demonstrate that parents would choose the Rochester Public Schools if they actually had a choice (some do) ... can the distract attract more students than it repels? Publish students metrics ALONG SIDE of other area schools. Be a magnet!

  • Manage finances. Demonstrate a commitment to priorities.

  • Hire a new Superintendent.

NOTE: Candidate logistics garnered from the Rochester Post Bulletin, presumably from information supplied by the candidates themselves.


Congratulations, Fred!




TEAofMN Recommendation

Fred Daly

Education: Bachelor's degree in business administration from Winona State University.

Government work experience: Rochester School Board Director Seat 5; Cascade Township board member and chairman.

Volunteer experience: University of Minnesota Extension Service for Olmsted County.

Statement: "I am honored to serve one of the best school districts in the nation. Now, we must prepare the district for a rapidly changing future."



I acknowledge that the vast majority of those advocating for lower taxes are truly concerned about maintaining quality education, and I refuse to label them as "anti education."

I truly believe that each member of the school board is sincere in working to make our community's schools the best we can afford. Let's agree that the name-calling detracts from the genuine dialogue: how to provide the best education at the lowest cost. We can do this if we agree to work together, honestly and in good faith.

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