Cafe " TEAPOT "
=Japanese Speciality=

Shop 8, 81-91 Military Road, Neutral Bay
NSW 2089 Australia

(near the corner of Military Road & Ben Boyd Road)


We serve Plate menu(served with rice & salad), Sandwiches, Salads,
Sushi rolls, and DESSERTS & Original DRINKS !!

We make many kinds of drinks with "Matcha", a kind of Japanese Green tea,
and also have original fruits smoothies as well!!

<About Matcha (a kind of Japanese Green tea)>
Matcha is a powdered tea comprised entirely of "tea" leaves,
as well as tasting great, it provides the nutritional benefits outlined below.

VITAMINE A, C, E especially C in Matcha - these vitamins blend easily
with water, anad the benefits aren't lost with the heating of the tea.
CATECHINS the elements of astringency, they help to prevent cancer,
and lifestyle related diseases.
AMINO ACIDS they allow for a deep taste and help to activate nerves
in the brain.
MINERALS they help regulate blood alkali levels, and urge good metabolism.
FLUORIDE it is effective in strengthening teeth.
FLAVONOIDS it is effective in the prevention of bad breath.
CAFFEINE it operates as a diuretic and helps you to relax.

Matchaccino ------------$3.00
Matcha au lait ----------$3.00
Matcha cuppuccino----$3.00
(Matcha & cofffee)
Matcha Orange(ice) --- $3.00
Matcha ice cream -----$3.50
Matcha smoothy -------$4.90
Matcha sundae ---------$5.90
Matcha sundae Matcha smoothy
Our Miscellaneous Goods directly from Japan
TEA CUPSij The display in our shop

Ayako Oshima, a designer who did our interior design,
and made our logo,menu board & our website etc...