Generations of Hudson/Chandler/Lucas Families

Indiana, became the 19th state in 1816. With statehood came many new settlers. Three of these families, The Hudson Family, The Chandler Family and the Lucas Family were among them.

William Riley Chandler Sr. and his wife Sally 'Logan' Chandler along with their children was a family in this group. Settling in and around Salem, Indiana, they raised their children. Including one of the children, William Riley Chandler Jr. and wife Margarette 'Overshiner' Chandler. Married in 1822 in Salem Indiana they migrated to Monroe County, Indiana. William and Margarette and their descendants are now known as, the Chandlers of Salt Creek Township, Monroe County, Indiana.

The Lucas Family, centers around Soloman Lucas and descendants. Soloman was born in North Carolina, about 1792. From there he traveled with his father Thomas, and a brother Thomas, to Kentucky. There he met and married Mary Grimes. They later moved on and settled in Clear Creek Township, Monroe County Indiana.

Moving on to Greene County, Indiana we meet David Hudson and his wife Charlotte 'Lewis' Hudson. David and two brothers, Lankston and Sterling were born in North Carolina. I think there may have also been a third brother, Hall but I have not been able to document it at this time. David and Charlotte was the parents of Lankston Hudson born about 1832. Lankston married Mary Miller in 1852 in Greene County, Indiana. Their son Jacob Hudson and his wife Laura Alice 'Yockey' Hudson were married in Jasper County, Illinois. Laura Alice's parents John Yockey was born in Rumbach Bavaria and her mother Emily Frances Riley was born in Kentucky. Jacob and Laura Alice moved to Flint, Michigan, and resided there until their deaths. Descendants settled in Crawford County, Illinois, and surrounding areas.

Follow some of the descendants of these lines including William Sherrill, The Conestoga Fur trader. Thought to be instumental in opening the Sesquahana Valley. To Laura Alice Chandler and her search for a family and heritage unknown to her for many years.

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