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Welcome to my graphics!  This site is fairly new, but with my addiction to creating graphics and web design images, I hope to update it often.  You will find a variety of topics here including Blinkies, Backgrounds, Tutorials, Links, Poetry, and hopefully more in the future!  Please check back often for updates.  You can use the link chain below my terms to navigate through my site.  Each page contains a link back to the main page and any continuing pages per topic.  Please read my Terms for Use before proceeding through my site.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me :) 
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Unfortunately, I do have a few rules for using my graphics.  Some pages contain their own rules, but the general terms for use are as follows:
1.  I DO NOT answer graphic requests via email.  If you have a request, please visit my signature site, Siggy Central, at the link below.  We will be happy to answer your requests there.

2.  DO NOT copy, distribute, sell, or claim any of my graphics as your own.  This includes but is not limited to backgrounds, tabs, buttons, banners, tutorials and tutorial images, poems, or any other graphics unless otherwise stated.

3.  The only graphics within my site that do not require permission for use are the "grab 'em up" Blinkies. 

4.  Stealing is wrong...asking questions is the right thing to do!  If you are unsure whether something on my site is available for you to use, please email me for permission.  I am more than willing to share my talents with those who are kind enough to ask :)

5.  If you use anything from my site, please link back to me.  There is a button available below for you to use to link to my home page.
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