All About Me
My name is Deb , I was born March 31, 1967. I was suppose to be born April St. I pulled the biggest fool trick ever, i came a day early.
I was raised in California . Move up to Salem, Oregon when i was 12 years old. and been here every sence.
I have been married almost 17 years. We have four kids, two girls and two boys. .
I am a big Roseann and The Osbourne Family fan.
My Interests Are
Computers -  Making web designs just like this. Just let my creativity run wild and have fun.
HMMMM...........What are my interest , WEll i would have to say animals
Music - Music settles the savage beast
Friends - You are lucky to have one true friend in your life time,
REading - reading books, from the auhor V.C. Andrews. Excellent Stories
Dancing - Dancing is the soul of the heart
Native American- Collecting native american rugs, dream catchers and dolls.