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Tears Overlook Trail
Tears Overlook Trail overllooks the path that John Benge lead his group to Oklahoma in December  1838.  Thinking it's the book Stone Song on the Trail of Tears where it's written that the path went by Austin's One Stop.  That path is in the valley that our campsight overlooks.

Tears Overlook Trail starts on the corner of CR 673 & CR 69.  The trail goes over the mountain and comes back out on CR 69.  There is a nice walking path along the side of the hill called Tears Bypass. The trail curves with a in slope to the mountain to a nice wooded and level place on top, making it a nice place to park RV's.  Wild animals and birds call this place home.  Not long ago, three deer just stood and looked at us with no fear.

Tears Overlook Trail is about four miles from the US 62/412 bypass bridge, Hwy 5 south of Mt. Home, AR.   Very nice views.  If we figure how to make this web page work, photos will be posted.
If we can't figure it out, we'll try to put them on our yahoo photos. If you would like to contact us about leasing the hill for camping or hunting, the number is 870-491-5864.
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