Alonia was an only child: And although he was made fun of by other boys, he kept smiling and went along his life. Alonia wasn't very smart but loved to learn, which he did as much as he could.

One day when he turned Seventeen, Alonia learned that life was very hard, and that people only wanted him around for his services. He found this dreadful fact through a girl, Sasha, whom Alonia quickly fell in love with. At first, she was very kind to Alonia: It made him feel like he was something meaningful to someone. But shortly afterwards, Sasha became like others had been throughout his life, and that he was again feeling lonely and used deep inside.

And so, eight seasons have passed like this, and he was more depressed and sad than ever. Sasha was still tormenting his mind, taking advantage of her total control over his sad and miserable life. Alonia, now more depressed and saddened than ever, still did not give up; he still smiled like the bright Sun and pretended that the clouds and darkness above him were not there, while convincing himself that he'll always be alone for the rest of his life.

It was then when Alonia learned the most wonderful thing in his life. He learned that people not only wanted one another because of what they can do to them, but people also wanted others to just be there so that they can be warm and tender to them. He found this out through another girl: Her name was Elena and she too has been alone throughout her life. Elena felt sorry for him. She would try to comfort him during the night, when he was down, and made him better with "I love you's."

Alonia now was in love. He would think about her all day and admiringly say, "Oh, that Elena. She's so perfect." and smile to himself in the midst of study. He was warm again. He tried to help her as mch as he could, and Elena did the same. He always smiled to her, and never once led her down.

One night, as two were talking, Elena asked Alonia, "When are you going to get married?" He replied, "I don't know." "Maybe you should start thinking about it." "Well, I'd like to marry you, if you don't have any problem with it." "Why would I have any problem with it? I love you, and you know that." As she hugged Alonia, and both were happy.

People around the two, however, thought otherwise. They figured that they shouldn't be together and did all they could to separate them. And they've finally convinced Alonia that she was too good for him, that he deserved to be with no one. So, when they were left alone, Alonia started to tell Elena what had happened, that he needed to leave her side, as Elena softly wept through the night. And when she left the room, he burst into tears.

Alonia now lived his life as he did before. He continued to learn as much as he can, while trying not to feel so lonely. On a cold December evening, with the Sun long gone, he walked through the streets to refresh himself from his work. He began to think of Elena again when suddenly he was hit by a on-going traffic. He was taken to the Doctor's immediately but it was too late. On the third day since the accident, he stretched his arms, smiled for the last time, and died.