The Flowers


Sirius was a peasant: He had been turning his soil, planted his seeds, and harvested his crops for over 20 years. He was once married but his wife had died of cancer some time ago. He only concentrated on his work but sometimes his mind would slip away to the happier days when his wife was still alive: He would remember how they shared meals, worked together, and comforted each other.

One day, as he was finishing up his usual farm work, he started to reminisce of the day when she died. He remembered the last thing she said to him,
"I'm really sorry to leave you. I wish I could be by your side forever, but I must depart. Perhaps in death we shall be reunited again. Thank you so much for keeping me happy." Sirius, as he was thinking of all this, started to cry. He missed her warmth and happiness. But after a while, he shook himself up for it was now dark, and headed home.

That night, Sirius had a dream: He dreamt that he was, as usual, working his land. And when it was around noon, he walked up to a Popular tree beside the little path and sat under it to have his lunch, for it was his usual routine. And as he ate, he noticed he was not alone. And as he turned around to see who was there, he was stunned: It was his wife, except she was glowing with warmth and light. And as he approached her, he felt happy again, and all seemed to be well.

Sirius got up, and shook his head;
"Surely, that could never be. She has been gone forever."
Astonished, he took a loaf of bread he baked two nights before, and headed for work. It was a very cool day, with sweet Spring breeze kissing his cheeks gently. He had completed plowing a significant amount of land, and he was satisfied. It was almost noon, and he took out his loaf of bread and headed for the poplar tree.

Vlad, Sirius' friend, was to visit his friend that evening. This was nothing unusual, for they routinely met and had a cup of tea while chatting by the fire. He started for his friend's homestead. And as he approached the little hut, he noticed there was no light.
"This is odd."
Thought Vlad.
"My friend always stays at home in the evening. And he knows I am visiting him tonight."
He opened the door to find that there was no one in the room. He looked about the field for Sirius, but he simply vanished. There was absolutely no trace of his friend. He was completely bewildered. Where could his friend be?

At that moment, he found a little spot of light by the old poplar tree: it was a couple of unusually beautiful flower, glowing with vibrant colours, shining brightly. He was then convinced that those were the souls of his friend and his wife, finally reunited in death.