Tears of Eternity

+++May 15th 2004+++
Updated the wall of shame!!!! The first ever addition to it

++April 16th 2004
Added 5 more songs to the lyrics section.

++April 14th, 2004++
And I thought the gap between the last two updates was huge. Plane and simple, I updated everything. That's what happens when i have too much time on my hands. Alot has changed, alot hasn't. I left the layout the same because I like it...Content, eh, not so much. Added the song lyrics section, the random section, as well as edited alot.

++March 23rd, 2003++
EEK!!!!!!! look at the gap between updates. Oh i'm a bad girl. anyway, I'm updating for afew reason. A. becuase I'm in a sad mood. and B. because i'm bored.
So far it's just the links up, and possibly the disclaimer, if I get around to writing it.....

++October 20th, 2002++

Hello all, *gasp* 2 updates in a row, wow you're special. So here ya go I made another page, the about me page, well comon it's uber late and ya, it's well, purple right now but It will be this most interesting shade of blue one day, bu ya, there ya go. Now sadly you wont get an update for a wile, but I'll keep trying.

++October 19th, 2002++

Hello all, this is my new website, with layout and url, hehe. I really would like input on what you think about it as I've been working really really hard on it. It's sort of a new beginning for me in a sence, getting out of the old style and into a somewhat new one. A few people have left my life, but many more have entered. It's sort of a crossing I guess you could say, trying to face the fact that I will probably never see some people again. And in a sence it's a moving onward type of change. I'm moving from the person that I grew up as to the person who has grown in so many ways thanks to so many wonderful people. I will say this to those that have left my life because I know some of you do come here still. I am going to say thank you too you as well, because every person I meet and know shapes my life in someway, you (and you know who you are) have shaped my life in alot of ways. But it's time to let go and move on.

it's been a hell of a month and here's to new beginnings and keeping ties strong. i love my friends that I have right now with all my heart and I never want to loose you guys. you mean the world to me and I thank you. you've helped me in so many ways I can't describe or begin to explain. and i dedicate this next part of my life to you *bows* (dunno why). i love you *hugz* and here's to tuns of fun. :)

Only the guest book link works right now, i'm still working on the rest of the site, as I said, it's having a compleet makeover

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