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H.C. Young Tool & Machine
H.C. Young Tool & Machine Snapshot
New website in the works. A snapshot of it is on the left side of the screen. It's for a business called "H.C. Young Tool & Machine". I'd like to thank them for choosing me to make them their website. Also i got another offer. It's still in the negotiation stages so when i get more details on i'll post it up.

After long break Tear Stained Designs is back up and running. Recently i've been very busy at school so that would explain the lack of updates. But i'm back up and running. In recent news the All That is Sacred website is finished. Actually it has been finished for a long time. Also recently i have been offered another website job. So i'll be working hard on that. When i get the details on it i'll get it on the site. That's it for now.