A Few New Pics! David and I to the left!!
Victoria and I... she now wants to beat my ass. Oh Well! Come and find me in Kentucky!!
ME in front of the school i graduated from: Sheridan High School
Nice lil' closeup!
My butt!!
My dog Tootsie and I!
My cat Puddin and I! She dont like bein held as u can tell!!
Me and my phone.. i dont look too happy.. i duno!!
Finally, after 4 hours, im done and dressed.. but i forgot to put make up on!
This is David and I!! SOOOOO Sexah David!
This was takin 2 yrs ago on Thanksgiving!
This is me, lookin wierd at the camera! I wasnt ready for the picture!
Left>Right: Chad, Seth, Vicky(playin around), me and Andrea
This was when i was... are u ready.. i was 15 yrs. old in this picture!!