Hello my naughty naughty friends... If you are seeing this then you probably have seen me in chats.. possibly being very very naughty!!!I have been living with a back injury for over a year, and my cam time is much less. If I am feeling up to it, then I will be on cam and if I am it is open to the room. 

A little bit about myself.. I am 46.. very single, luv it, and plan to stay that way.... I very much enjoy sex and exhibitionism as many of you know.  I absolutely luvvvv oral both giving and receiving!!!  I will repeat again that I am the extreme exhibitionist, therefore I do not add buddies to my lists and I rarely go private in cam to cam. The more men watching my cam the better and if I added I would just be answering pm's all the time. lol

I created the alias of bubbly40fem years ago to just have fun in the room.. my pm's are shut off and invites as well.. This keeps me free to chat in room with everyone!! Please respect my choice and just enjoy if you like.. the more you chat with me in the room or on mic the more excited I will be and by the way.. if I want to see your cam I will ask for it.. I am not shy!! mmmmmmmm

Yes I am looking at you!!!
Me and my naughty side... take a look
Nipples anyone???
Needs a lickin...
How to reach me
Name: teaser38dd
Email: teaser38dd@earthlink.net