History of Teatro Busko

Teatro Busko is a non-profit theater organization that provides quality youth entertainment. Every year, Teatro Busko presents state-of-the-art social-relevant issue plays for its audience.

In 1994, before graduating, Francis Aquino realized that it was such a long time since Don Bosco Makati has ever put up a theatre group. Together with Mr. Peñamora, a very versatile teacher, they lobbied for Teatro Busko. They wanted a theatre group with a heart. Not only that, they wanted to be non-conformist in a sense that they can put up any play or production anywhere may it be on a big stage or on the streets or even in the middle of Savio Park. But they also wanted to be respectable in a way that they can showcase the well known serious plays.

They were able to showcase a couple of small productions that year. It was hard for us to really move for they were in the starting phase. They had to draft the by laws, rules and regulations, they had to get members, get financing and all that.

In 1995, Teatro Busko was reorganizaed by the Don Bosco Makati's highschool department English teacher, Ms. Malou Abelido and Mr. Miguel Relente, one of the guidance counselors of the school. Teatro Busko aims to help the youth in building their character and self-confidence by means of Performing Arts.

The club has 'boys' from DBTI Makati, an exclusive school for boys, and 'girls' from nearby schools such as Collegio de Sta. Rosa (CSR), La Consolacion College, La Concordia College and St. Scholastica's College (SSC), exclusive schools for girls. The club presents plays at DBTI and sometimes in other schools. The club forms and trains it's members not to be just good actors, but great performers.

Recently the club has expanded its horizons to its members. It not only encourages the talent of the high school students but also the young minds of the elementary students.

TeatroWEB was developed in 1998 (then called, Teatro Busko Interactive) by Journey Interactive. Until now, the site is maintained by the J. I. Network and is powered by Yahoo! Geocities and Bravenet.