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Salvation Makes Their Wings Unfold
New Version :Mad as a Hatter
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Mipyr: Creative Development/Graphics bitch
/Audio Producer/RPG management

Mistoffelees: Co-producer, Payer of Mipyr's bills, light of Mipyr's life

Rumpelteazer: Costume Consultant, RPG management

Macavity: Web Design/Graphics design   

Blunderbuss: JavaScript Management     

Ren: Informative Research---what the hell does she do? html...

Boston: Glitterbox management, RPG management,

Aaron: On Site Reporter, RPG consultant

Nemisis: other graphics bitch, who keeps Mipyr from getting lonely
GROOMING GRIZABELLA: a REALLY interesting Cats article on the rights to producing the show! at the R&H website
More Info on the show, where you can be on a waiting list for rights to preform it! R&H owns these rights now
Mistoffelees will make frames dissappear!

Mungojerrie will frame you! (ultra spiffy NEW version!)

Rumpelteazer will lead you to The core of Salvation (old style regular frames)
On the 1st day god created cats
on the 2nd day, god created man to serve the cats
on the 3rd day, god created all animals to serve as potential food for the cats
on the 4th day, god created dancers, so that man could dance in a musical about the cats
on the 5th day, god created the  fanatics, to devote their lives to the cats
on the 6th day, god created the internet, so the fanatics may better serve the cats
on the sabbath day, god tried to rest,  but he had to scoop the litterbox, and update the website