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Search & Rescue team deployed in the White Mountains on the ME/NH border.



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Jill Freda

Wilderness Medicine Track

Central Maine Med Center 

Family Practice Residency

76 High Street

Lewiston, ME 04240

(207) 795-2803

Introduction - The Wilderness Medicine Track is founded on the principle that there is a way to practice our medical skills where we love to play - in the wilderness! By forcing us to think about basic physiology and application of limited resources, we learn new diagnostic skills and treatment options which are not taught in traditional medical school or residencies. This new approach to critical thinking is useful on the ski slopes, high-altitude expeditions, sea kayaking adventures, and surprisingly often in the office or hospital, as well! Wilderness medicine is also about the camaraderie of spending time with like-minded folks and developing friendships though shared experiences. We have found that the coastal islands, lakes, mountains of Maine are an ideal place to share our love for wilderness medicine.

Educational Goals - The Central Maine Medical Center Family Practice Residency has designed the Wilderness Medicine Track with several goals:

  • To educate residents about the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of injuries and illness occuring in the wilderness;

  • To teach residents the necessary skills to become medical advisors for outdoor organizations, including search & rescue teams and outdoor education groups;

  • To allow residents to develop skills in research and writing in the field of wilderness medicine;

  • To promote teaching skills so that residents can become future educators in wilderness medicine;

  • To provide local organizations with valuable medical resources through service learning opportunities.